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  1. I just saw a video on Youtube about a lot of their attractions being closed due to half of their staff not returning after furlough. This makes me wonder if this is why Cedar Fair has decided to open their parks late this year. If so, than Cedar Fair is smarter than people are giving them credit for. After all, they are in better financial shape than many other park chains. The bowling alley I worked for, which was closed in 2019, is now in the process of changing ownership and I'm going to help them get the operation back up and running again. There were times when our operations were
  2. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to experience it by 4 years. But when first rode it back in 1994, people were commenting about how the wheels would come of the tracks. I couldn't quite tell, but it all make sense now. Maybe they were referring to earlier times before this hump was removed. It was the coaster I had ever rode after the Ninja and I loved it anyway. When it comes to the up-stop wheels being in constant use on a wooden coaster, I can swear that was the case in 2015 when I rode Cedar Point's Blue Streak for the first time. It felt like the train was coming off the trac
  3. Adventureland is about 4 hours from me, along with the Six Flags parks in Chicago & St. Louis. Even at that distance, it's hard for me to get to them. For someone used to SFGAM, CP & KI, Adventureland was never on my to-do list until they got the Monster, and when I finally got a chance to go there in 2019, I was blown away by now neat and clean the park was. It also has a certain vibe to it that you don't get with the Six Flags or even the Cedar Fair parks. I'll certainly be going back there again someday. I actually didn't mind the Dragon. It certainly didn't have much going f
  4. With Kentucky Kingdom's Cancellation of their RMC raptor, and no further updates on the South Dakota raptor, I now wish even more that Adventureland would have opted for a raptor first. For someone who lives in Central Illinois, there is no raptor anywhere close and SFGAM already has an S&S free spin. But between the two, the raptors appeal to me much more. It sucks that KK came so close to getting one and had to cancel. Here's hoping that project will be reborn in a few years despite Hershend's strained relationship with RMC. If not, maybe SFSTL will end up with one someday.
  5. I'm divided when it comes to COVID. If a state is going to have restrictions, at least do it right. Illinois is allowing water parks because the chemicals in the water have been found to kill COVID. Okay, so is the vapor rising off the water going to kill ALL the virions by an infected host before they have a chance to land the dude he sneezes on, who is sitting right next to him? Of course not! It has already been proven that COVID doesn't spread nearly as efficiently outside as it does inside, especially in warmer, moist air. So I still can't see why the water park was allowed to
  6. I recently watched a video about who would want to buy the Six Flgas parks if Six Flags were forced to dissolve, or be forced to sell off. This Youtuber posted a scenario where they only kept their 3 largest parks. And Six Flags St. Louis was one of the few parks he didn't have an assumed buyer for. In the comment section, someone commented that they didn't expect SFSTL to survive past the 2021 season. I certainly hope there's no truth to any of this. Though it has went somewhat downhill over the last decade, it would still be a tragedy to see SFSTL get the Astroworld/Fantas
  7. I'm glad to hear that Indiana Beach may be saved after all. Maybe they can shoot over to Galesburg and buy Northgate Lanes while they're at it. LOL Since the owner is the only one of my friends left in the area who is interested in going to Amusement Parks, I'll pretty much be paralyzed from attending any parks until it sells.
  8. I've wanted to visit Indiana Beach, but never got to . I lobbied to make it part of our itinerary during our 2018 journey around Lake Michigan. I was most intrigued by the airtime of "Cornball Express" and the POV of Hoosier Hurricane looked great. I wanted to ride those 2 coasters if nothing else. I fear Denver's Lakeside Amusement Park and Adventurland Iowa could also suffer the same fate some day. I'm not even sure if Adventureland would draw as many people as Indiana beach, does it? The Indianapolis Metro is bigger than the Des Moines, Cedar Rapids & QC metros combined. Plu
  9. I had been wanting to get to Adventureland since they debuted "the Monster" back in 2016. On 15 September, I FINALLY made it there! It becomes my 8th amusement park visited after Six Flags St. Louis, Six Flags Great America, King's Island, Mt. Olympus Theme Park, Cedar Point, Lakeside Amusement Park & Michigan's Adventure. To make a long story short, my die-hard roller coaster friends have disbanded and moved on after 2017 which made 2018 my first "off-year" in 3 years, as far as visiting amusement parks goes. But I was able to talk another traveling friend, who isn't overly fond of
  10. It really is a small world. I grew up in Orion and my grandpa lives down in Galesburg still. (Pretty much all my family lives in the Midwest.) I'm shocked to hear about the bowling alley as that place always was busy in the evening. I remember when half the thing burnt down a while back. (Well mainly the attached restaurant.) Galesburg is certainly a slow place minus railroad days and the Stearman fly-in. Back on topic, that is certainly a shame. Do you live in Galesburg or nearby? Do you mind going to parks by yourself and transportation is what's hold you back? It is a small world afte
  11. I would have loved to see Astroworld. I remember being extremely shocked once I found out it was turned into a vacant lot. And I know I will have regrets if I end up pissing the rest of my 40's away without another visit, and that will happen if I just sit and do nothing, which is something I'm trying to avoid. LOL And other thing, I'm starting to get dizzy on some of the rides, which is probably because I didn't get to ride them enough prior to 2012. The longer I go without doing those g-forces, the dizzier they will make me as I get older. The body's inner ear adapts to inactive lifestyles.
  12. I hear you there. Unfortunately, I can't drive, so that makes me almost entirely on others or alternative transportation such as trains. Yeah, I used to make a public post to my 800 Facebook friends to see if anybody wanted to go, and I tried to sweeten the deal by saying I'd pay all the gas expense, but I wouldn't get a single response year after year. So I finally wised up and won't even bother to do that anymore. And when I sent an event invite to the remainder of the one said group to go to Adventureland last fall, I received the similar silent treatment. I won't even bother to mess
  13. I must say that I really envy those of you who get to visit several theme parks each year. I wished I knew how you do it. It seems that those with jobs don't have the time to travel, and those without jobs don't have the money to travel. I grew up in a family who had no interest in traveling. That being said, I was 17 before I got to visit my first amusement park. That was 1994. I had to wait until 1998 and 2002 for my second and third visits to any amusement park. And subsequent visits were limited to single visits in 2004, 2006, 2010, 2011 & 2013. But from 2014 onward, I became ver
  14. With a couple of friends, I visited Michigan's Adventure back in June during a trip around Lake Michigan. It was my first time there. It becomes my 3rd Cedar Fair park visited and my 7th park visited after Six Flags St. Louis, Six Flags Great America, King's Island, Cedar Point, Mt. Olympus & Denver's Lakeside. I knew it was going to be smaller, so I kept my expectations low and figured we's only spend about 4 hours there. Thunder hawk was our first coaster ride. I was expecting the usual Vekoma head-banging, but it was fairly smooth for a Vekoma. I actually enjoyed the ride an
  15. It isn't like I've never made a stupid post, but people have really been hating on King's Island. Since they already spent $15,000,000 on Mystic timbers last year, I knew they wouldn't be doing something huge next year. To my knowledge, the dumbest amusement park-related Facebook comment I've seen this year was from an Ohio lady in regards to Cedar Point. I no longer remember it verbatim, but went something like this: "Steel Vengeance = epic fail. New trains don't make it a new ride. It is still the same old bumpy track" Not to be political, but I went to her page and discove
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