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  1. I have noticed the Food disService workers are not much better at Kings Island that they are at SFSTL, but are pretty good at CP. Why is that I wonder? Could it be all the hungry foreigners they bring in that are thrilled to have the oportunity for a great job, that most Americans consider a crap job? Some other reason?
  2. Some questions that may help. If you can answer them you I suspect you will be close to finding your answer. Cedar Fair owns more coasters than I wish to tally. How many of them are spinners? What is the capacity per hour of spinners? Protein spills per hour of spinners?
  3. The TPR Spin Team bashes all complainers and praises Cedar Fair's smart business decision. Or The Apocalypse.
  4. Question on growth. Some pages back the sale of land was mentioned and I obviously missed this when it happened. The clearly had a lot they were not likely to ever use but what position does this put the future of the park in? It is already small by modern standards, but Cedar Point is able to do amazing things in limited space but that does come at a cost.
  5. Is this a fair summation of the concern. While SF is trying to fix all the deferred maintenance over the past decade the pace appears to be very slow. So slow in fact that it may not be even quick enough to keep up with deterioration. Sort of like playing Whack-a-Mole?
  6. I was there too, the ride ops said one of the seatbelts broke. I agree with you that it was oddly empty that day and I enjoyed it, especially as it was one of my first times ever at the park (I drove 8 hours to get there, definitely worth it). Scratching my head. How does that work? Have you sort of been there before?
  7. I think for next season I take one of my polo shirts and have RMC embroidered on it and make a point of taking lots and lots of pictures of structural elements of various coasters, maybe even carry a legal pad with me and take lots of notes. My primary targets: Blue Streak and The Beast. If I make it back to SFSTL I will give The Boss an extra special treatment.
  8. FYI I have had really good luck with the contact us page on their web site. A few weeks ago late on a Saturday afternoon I asked if they infused the Blue Ice Cream with petro chemical based artificial food dyes and received a response within a couple of hours that yes they indeed do infuse their Blue Ice Cream with petro chemical based artificial food dyes. Good to know if you do or do not like to ingest hydrocarbons.
  9. What does the beach look like? NOAA is reporting a beach hazard with 3-5' waves until 7PM tonight.
  10. I am so disappointed. Was really hoping this would be they year they would finally be granted the funds to buy a tank sprayer and a few gallons of weed killer concentrate. Oh well, maybe 2018.
  11. Speaking of naming I think a much better name for this ride would be The Weed Eater. If you are going to let weeds become the signature attraction at the park you should Own It.
  12. As others have said it just depends, on what I don't know. Between 20-25 scans between CP&KI and the waterparks since June I would estimate they have given close scrutiny maybe 25% of the time. Last weekend at KI the associate flagged my kids passes becuase there were two people in the photos and that is not allowed. I was told to stop at processing and have them retaken when I had a chance but was let through. Originally when I purchased the passes on line we used our webcam so it is probably me in the background directing the kids. When SP processing has a short line I will get it done. I wouldn't suggest anyone try and game the system becuase I imagine CF reserves the right to suspend/revoke the pass and deny entry for the day. That would really suck. My Platty with season dining and season funpix for two parks cost over $400. No way would I loan it to somebody.
  13. If you do run into Philrad71 drink up, he always picks up the tab.
  14. Nah, it's probably easier to just grab one of the free ones sitting on top of the bunnies.
  15. Great Sage Coasterbill, it would also be so helpful if you could provide us the dates of the first water main break and power outage. Also, will my souviner cup from this year work next year if I buy a FL+ wristband?
  16. http://www.cleveland.com/travel/index.ssf/2016/08/cedar_points_jason_mcclure_tal_1.html#incart_m-rpt-1 McClure said any announcement of what will replace Mean Streak will come after the ride's last operating day, Friday, Sept. 16, the opening night of HalloWeekends. "We'll string it out for a while," said McClure. "We like that people are curious." He added, "The only thing I can tell you right now is that we won't disappoint you with what we do back there." I am so happy he won't disappoint me. I am so looking forward to the new RMC Log Flume.
  17. Glass houses comes to mind here, so I won't pile on. I hope you learned something and it sticks. There are some places you just don't go. Ever. Apology accepted. Let's move on and have some fun around here.
  18. Same here. I believe my kids will be very willing to point at anything I ask them to and pose. Any requests?
  19. That really would would cause me to cut up my passes. I am scrambling for my remote every time one of the damn Directv commercials comes on.
  20. ^ I grew up at SFSTL since 72 and it is very sad. The weeds, seriously? They can't spray the weeds a few times a year? My neighbors would shame me to no end if I let my lawn get that bad. I moved to OH and haven't been since 2014 but the differences are just striking. At both CP & KI a flat like Scrambler is always a walk on even on a busy day, SFSTL it can be 30 minutes on a slow day. Although I would like more dedicated refill stands at least CF has them scattered throughout the parks, SFSTL has always seemed to abhor such things, much preferring you wait in a 20 minute food line to get a drink. I recall a couple by the entrance and that is about it. My kids have been asking to go back for nostalgia next summer but I am really dreading the "experience". The one bright spot is the ride ops. I rarely have had an issue with them and I find most are really good even if they are short staffed as is the case most of the time. .
  21. There is currently no new info on Booomerang or Superman. Boomeramg is still expected to reopen before the end of the season. Don't expect to hear anything about Superman till most likely next season. Is it track work or train work or both that needs to be done? Has whatever work started in earnest yet?
  22. Cedar Fair seems to like package deals and lots of the cedar fair parks are in need of new wooden coasters. Do you think that tips the scales towards GCI over RMC?
  23. I have asthma and I find the claim of an attack followed up 5-10 minutes later with tons of yelling and screaming rather dubious. I have also put on a ton of weight in the past year and have a phobia of not being able to breathe. If the restraints are so tight that I am at all uncertain about lasting 15-30 minutes in them I get out, it is just not worth it. I refuse to be stapled in, a little assistance is ok but no calling over the the biggest op I on the station to put all his weight in it. I appreciate the offer, but no thanks, I am there to have fun not be miserable for 5 minutes or longer. I am to big right now for most rides, nobodies fault but my own. I hope she was ejected.
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