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  1. Thanks for the help! Will hit those first. Really looking forward to seeing how Shockwave is vs. Mindbender and vice versa. Excited for NTAG and Titan too those ill be a game decision not sure if my son will want to go that big yet. Thanks again!
  2. Hey y'all my 9 year old son and I will be in Dallas the next few days and could use some local expertise please. We're from Atlanta and frequent SFOG a lot but this is our first time at SFOT and really looking forward to it. My son is 53' in. tall (oh so close to 54', like hair touches measurement stick) so this looks like the perfect park for him as SFOG is mostly over 54' for the bigger rides. Will be heading out Sunday and Monday mornings until it gets too hot or the park gets too crowded. Are Sunday's open until lunch time a good time to go like they are at SFOG? Also, watching coaste
  3. Bring a Friend Free day always causes this since approx. half the crowds on any given day are season passholders. Sunday mornings are great but weekdays can be really light on crowds, especially first thing in the morning and then in the late afternoon and evenings after school groups leave. The Six Flags app only lets you see wait times while in the park. I use coasterqueue.com to follow what the app reports. They pull their info straight from the park app. If you didn't like the crowds on bring a friend free day, you should avoid military appreciation weekend. Basically anyone
  4. Hey y'all, long time lurker, first time poster... I went to the park today (6/19) around 6:30 pm and it was SLAMMED. Never seen it so crowded. Lot was full and saw cars parked in the grass. The tollbooth lady said they were expected 30K+. I turned around and drove home. Have a few quick questions please: Was this due to bring a friend day and being fathers day? Is there a app or something to check crowds? When I went to Magic Mountain last year I remember seeing the ride waits on the SF app but don't see them for SFOG. I live about 50 minutes away so it would be helpful to ch
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