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  1. What you said makes total sense, but I didn't get that from what was said in the email. I about had a heart attack and I read it like 4 times. I wish it said, "however many months we continue to be closed in 2020, we will allow those exact amount of months missed in 2020 to be valid for 2021." Ehh, what I just said is kind of confusing too... To your case in point, I am way overthinking this now and it's starting to make my head hurt.
  2. I just received the email from BG & SeaWorld and I'm not understanding this statement about my annual membership for 2020. As stated in the email, "We are automatically extending all active Annual Passes and Membership products to SeaWorld and Busch Gardens for the length of time in which the parks remain closed." That being said, I don't see the parks opening anytime soon, so will it just renew for 2021? If the park never opens for 2020, will I be screwed and not be refunded my money for my 2020 annual membership? What happens if the park finally opens in September/October... I mean thats like only 1 month I can visit the park before it closes for the year. That would suck to have paid all that money to be able to visit the park for 1 month. Am I overthinking it or something? The email is just very vague and I have a ton of questions.
  3. My summarized trip report of the coasters from Dollywood... My first ever trip. Thanks again and shoutout to everyone who helped me plan my trip on this site/forum. Okay this park is freaking amazing! Rained the whole time on Saturday (and weekend pretty much) and everything was still open all day (yes, even LR!!!). Highly recommend the unlimited fastpass thingy when visiting. Valet parking was awesome because of the rain and they brought my car right to us and didn't get any more wet than we already were. Food was the best I have had in an amusement park and the cinnamon bread... Yeah that is crack cocaine as well as Grandma Gee's (or whatever her name is that is the grandma that bakes biscuits and has been for 10000 years) garlic butter biscuits. I ate 6 biscuits and a loaf of cinnamon bread by myself on top of my meal. Okay coasters... Rain=pins and needles piercing your skin when riding a coaster (this was for all of them) LR- 6x on this thing (1st ride in the front, the rest in the back) This coaster is bad a$$! Way better in the back in my opinion and the quadruple down is absurd (in an awesome way). Yes I think SV is better, but only because of length. Girlfriend agrees. My shins and lower back are sore still... lol Thunderhead- 4x on this and it's amazing. Every park should have a wooden coaster like this is all I will say about it. I get why is was ranked #1 coaster for so long back in the day. Wild Eagle- 3x and the first drop in the back is great. Great wing coaster and the beginning and middle I think is better than Gatekeeper. Length of it make me like Gatekeeper a tad bit more. Amazing wing coaster though. Well, amazing coaster in general I meant to say as well. Dragonflier- Front row 2x and back row 1x. This was awesome! I like how it's suspended and just a lap bar. Very comfortable seats and lap bars. There was a family and had 2 kids (10yr old and about a 5yr old- i'm guessing). 10yr old chickened out, got off the ride and started crying and made a scene, and the 5yr old stayed on and was her first coaster ever. She looked sooooo scared, but her dad had her hand and she went off and didn't look back as they ascended up the lift hill. She came back with the biggest smile on her face and looked at everyone in the queue, "that was fun daddy let's do it again! Brandon you're a scaredie cat!!!" everyone died laughing and Brandon had another breakdown and was embarrassed and now his younger sister owns him! LOL So funny!!! Mystery Mine- 3x. Surprisingly very fun minus the length, but noticing this is Dollywood and doesn't probably have the budget for a longer coaster. Very comfortable seats and the bulky OTSR are very comfortable too and still give you room for airtime, etc Firechaser Express- 2x... I was actually disappointed a little. Didn't realize it was going to be such a family coaster. I was expecting like a Verbolten or something for some reason. Going backwards is very cool though and I liked the launches. Tennessee Tornado- 2x... Smoothest Arrow in the history of Arrow and loved the first and 2nd loop. 3rd inversion felt very much like Anaconda at KD. Still, it was smooth and I didn't feel like I wanted to die when I got off. The first drop was awesome that it was in a tunnel. Blazing Fury- I didn't ride it because I didn't know about it until I just googled Dollywood to remind myself which coasters we went on while we were there. SMH!!! LOL Anyway, I highly recommend this park to everyone. Not only is the park one of my favorites now, Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg is awesome! Tram was awesome, Alpine coaster was great, the new suspended bridge at Skypark is awesome, tons of stuff to do, go carts galore, restaurants galore! Married with kids, married with no kids, not married, single, whatever... doesn't matter. Head to Pigeon Forge for a long weekend and check out Dollywood and Pigeon Forge! Well worth it!
  4. Regular is 10 total uses, once on LR (actually 2 if you don't use on Dropline). The spaces get punched out as used. https://dollywoodmagic.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/IMG_0553-768x1024.jpg Unlimited is unlimited, all rides. No punches to track usage. http://www.5wills.net/wow_pictures/pigeon_forge/IMG_2550.jpg Hells yeah! That just made my day! For some reason I was thinking unlimited on everything except LR.
  5. LOL... Well I went ahead and purchased valet parking, tickets, and unlimited timesaver passes for Saturday even though the weather is going to suck. Looks like it's only going to rain/storm in the early morning and then just cloudy all afternoon until the rain/storms pick back up at night. Question about unlimited timesaver... I can only use it one time for LR or is it unlimited? I was confused when looking on their website explaining the difference between regular and unlimited.
  6. I can only pray to weather and coaster gods for Saturday! Should we ride the front row or back row on LR for our first ride? I'm always a fan of the back row, but with the modifications they have done to the trains, I'm wondering if the front is now the best...
  7. Soooooo, I am making my first ever trip to Dollywood this weekend and it's basically 70%-90% thunderstorms all weekend. That being said and of course it would be like this because I have the worst luck, does the park shut down or do you think I will be able to sneak in a ride on Lightning Rod? Thoughts and feelings?!?!? Luckily I heard Dollywood has fantastic shows and food to experience during the rain/storms.
  8. Out of curiosity, I was wondering if SV is running all three trains now?
  9. My friend sent me a pic of Buckethead playing at The National in Richmond, VA and it seems his promo photo for the show has a mural of what looks like to be Valravn (maybe Griffon) in the background... I'm thinking Valravn because Intamin track is in the background too which could be MF. HAHA, anyway I thought it was pretty funny and interesting. Buckethead's promo photo for the concert at The National tonight in Richmond, VA
  10. Awesome trip report! I just booked a weekend trip to Dollywood for June 7th through June 9th and this will be my first ever visit to the park (Saturday June 8th will be spent at the park). I have 4 questions... Best restaurants at Dollywood? Go! Best shows at Dollywood? Go! Best seat on LR (front or back)? Go! Cool things to do outside of Dollywood? Go! I appreciate the feedback ya'll! Thanks!
  11. Looks like I'm going to have to buy the platinum pass to Busch Gardens in 2020! Holy expensive, but worth it for the new speculated spiked multi-launched giga! And then get to travel to BGT for RMC Gwazi! BG has officially stepped their game up on top of already stepping their game up. This new BGW 2020 coaster might turn out to be a top 10 as well as RMC Gwazi... I'm so shocked and excited about 2020
  12. And by "Head of Maintenance" she meant former board operator....? Your part was awesome and well said, Kudos! LOLOLOL, that's why I put it in quotations because it sounded far fetched or more than likely I heard her wrong. Kristin, the reporter, did make her own conclusion that the mountain will definitely not be staying after digging around during her report and interviews. She called KD directly and they obviously declined to comment on anything. I don't know who else she interviewed to come up with that conclusion, but I think it's coming down too because it would make it so much easier to dismantle the coaster. Also, it would have to be more cost effective as well I would assume... Anyway, what the heck do I know... She didn't even want to put my name at the bottom of the screen
  13. Pretty cool they spoke to you. . tho doesn't say why? do they just know around the office you're a coaster fan, and so talked to you about it? (they don't identify you via chyron, so wondering) Yeah, the woman who did the story is friends with a lot of my friends on Facebook and they referred me to her. I don't think they gave me a title because I have never been in an official roller coaster club which I have always wanted to join. That being said, I am not the that credible of a source and more of a huge coaster fan (almost like GP status) being interviewed.
  14. Here is the official article and story posted by Channel 8 news... I'm the guy in the striped orange shirt. www.wric.com/news/local-news/iconic-kings-dominion-volcano-roller-coaster-grounded-for-good/1773831978?fbclid=IwAR03g_ZmcGBx3mH0H_dSdXyt3AS8oS5x0trn-gAIzd--vSZB3iC1VCFagLQ
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