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  1. Just got off Apocalyse. They retracked the last turn over the queue and it's wicked smooth now. The rest of the is still pretty rough so it's nothing that'll change anyone's mind. I still dig the ride though.
  2. Had a great day at the park. The lines were somehow either non existant or about 30 minutes (for the joker) Speaking of the Joker, it felt wicked short and left me wanting more. Between it, Goliath at SFGAm, and Twisted Colussus, it's probably #3 just because it wasn't as intense and it didn't have as much thigh - bruising air time. Rode my first Larson Loop, but I've never been a fan of flat rides since they just feel like a single experience repeated over and over again. The hang time was cool though. And the butterfly reserve! So awesome!
  3. Headed to the park today. It's gonna be crazy busy but this was my only chance to go. Any recommendations on strategy? I was figuring on doing the jokes first.
  4. Oh okay. I guess there's another new ride to skip. It's just too damn awkward riding these things by yourself. I rode the one in St. Louis and that's good enough for me. Pass.
  5. One thing I keep hoping for is that they'll tear down the old "waterfront" restaurants. The food has always been pretty generic and every new food option they've added over the past couple of years has been way better (The wings by full throttle and the twisted wiches come to mind) than I expected. This is a big opportunity for them to revamp that entire area of the park. Regardless of what ride anchors the area, let's hope they do it up right. -- Looking back over the past few pages, I'm surprised how much parity there is about X2. I'm in the camp that thinks it's the greatest of all time (Maverick is a close second). And I really don't think Fu11 Throttle is all that great. Although the airtime over the loop is pretty killer, it's just never done much for me.
  6. I understand that the JLBFM ride is pretty much an inevitability at this point, but can Magic Mountain really keep up that kind of ride? After a year it'll be all sorts of FUBAR. I still want a T-Rex. When they debuted the track on these boards they said there were 2017 plans but they couldn't say when or where (obviously). Is there another park rumored to be getting one?
  7. I thought of this too--and the fact that they haven't built a completely new coaster since 2013 which seems like a long time for this park.
  8. I'm just gonna keep holding out hope that the new ride is a coaster and not a dark ride. Sorry guys, but I really just don't get off on those types of things.
  9. If your pass has parking you can go to guest relations and get it refunded once your pass is processed. I've done that when I needed to get a replacement pass. Or! Get it online and the print out is good for parking. -- I'm taking my 2.5 year old nephew to MM for the first time today. The kid absolutely loves roller coasters so it'll be a real treat for him to see them in person. Let's hope he digs Bugs Bunny World!
  10. So another California themed attraction is getting revamped. Are there plans to change the park name or will its misnomer-ness just continue to grow?
  11. I was at the park yesterday. The fire looked apocalyptic but the air wasn't too bad. Latest addition to the dirt was a bulldozer, so maybe that's the new ride? Along the exit path from Riddler's you can see stuff to make footers like those circle-disk things and cement molds. I know someone mentioned that these could be for Riddler's but that, also, no one had ever heard of it being done, right? What the hell could they be for? Tidal Wave was open and had a healthy line all day. Beyond that, nothing too exciting. Multi-use lockers rule, by the way. I started using the system when I went to the midwest last year and it's just so much easier than worrying about someone stealing your sh*t or getting your cup mixed up with someone else's or whatever. Now they just need them for Full Throttle. I use the one's at Scream for Twisted Colossus.
  12. You're basically asking to add an entire shift to the day. They can barely staff the place as is.
  13. What if it's a Justice League themed coaster? Six Flags is notorious for recycling names on different types of rides. Plus, the movies are coming out the next summer so it'd be too perfect not to capitalize on that. As a result, I also keep thinking it might be a whole new land in some way, maybe starting in DC Universe and ending near Cyclone Bay. But who the hell knows.
  14. Nothing yet. I was there yesterday and the dirt is still dirt. Looks like those PVC pipes are full of electrical wiring, that was the only thing I noticed. Twisted Colossus was either running one train or not running at all. I only ever saw the blue train in the station. Also, it was hotter than the devil's... and completely dead as a result. Apparently 113 is a wee bit too hot to go.
  15. I was at the park yesterday and the dirt lot now has mounds of dirt in it. Exciting! I also noticed while riding Apocalypse that a siding had been built along the access road along the west side of the park. And it seems like the Deja Vu Nursery seems to have been cleared out. I'm becoming more and more convinced we're either about to get a new coaster or Justice League and maybe a flat ride where Deja Vu once was--which'd make sense since that half of the park is pretty dead right now if you aren't into upcharge attractions... I dunno, it's weird they're doing any work at this time of the year. When do you think they'll make some sort of announcement?
  16. Could that also mean they've been saving up their duckets? And I'll admit, I've never ridden a dive machine. I'm just basing my opinion on those of others and videos. One day, though!
  17. I could see the retheme to Aquaman, but I doubt Six Flags would give MM Justice League and a T-Rex in the same season. I think MM will do Justice League in 2017 and a dive coaster or possibly T-Rex in 2019. That timeline makes more sense. I'm just not a fan of dark rides for the most part. And I really hope they don't build a dive machine if only because it'd just be a bigger, wider, taller version of Scream.
  18. I dunno, man. Has anyone considered yet that SFMM would get both a T-Rex and that Justice League ride? Given that Universal, Disney, and Knott's have all invested an assload into their parks, it seems like high tide for Magic Mountain to make a new land... Like, what my ultimate dream would be is if they opened up the land between DC Universe and whatever they call the Riddler's Plaza. Someone somewhere mentioned Aquaman somewhere for Tidal Wave and I like that. But why not both? Why not a 400 foot T-Rex that's Joker themed and a new Justice League dark ride? Disney's adding Star Wars, Universal added Harry Potter, and all these new DC movies are coming out so it seems like a good time to make something big happen. Do it up right!
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