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  1. The last time I went to the park, it was for a couple hours on a weekday in January before I started my new job. By the time the park closed in March, I hadn't been able to go. And now, here I sit, wishing I had made that January visit a longer stay. It say a lot about my life when my biggest regret of 2020 thus far has been not going to Six Flags for longer when I still had the chance. Let's just hope that raptor shows up in 2022 because damn do I want that turnaround in the center of Metropolis.
  2. I was at the park today. It was super dead with half the rides opening around noon. I didn't realize how big the station is for WCR. The whole structure is way bigger than I was expecting. Knowing this has me expecting that it'll open in 2020 because there just still so much work to be done.
  3. So... The park is hyping Aftermath? Are they just going to open the path down to that half of the area for the maze? I hope this means Apocalypse is included!
  4. Here's some pictures of WCR as of yesterday. Rode Ninja and really wasn't expecting to get so close to its structure. It's a pretty neat interaction, honestly. The clearance envelope seems to be really, really tight. Should be really cool. It was a typical day at the park. As the signals say on the railroad's radio: "No defects. Repeat, no defects." Turns out my camera makes panoramas! High Five, Brah! Messy. Track leading in Launches 2&4 Close up. Kobe Doin' Work.
  5. I dig it. The fact that it's so low to the ground and it interacts with everything around it so much is rad.
  6. Honestly though? You're right, I would be a little butthurt if it were a family coaster. It's their 20th coaster and the self-proclaimed Thrill Capital of the World goes small? It doesn't make sense. You'd think they'd want to make it a statement of some kind, right? But... It might also make total sense to the park and I just have to accept that as a total outsider. The real question is what's coming in 2020?
  7. Ohhh ParkBros... I trust them as much as I trust a straw poll of random employees.
  8. What scares me is that they remove Roaring Rapids and don't replace any of the trees.
  9. I always figured it was just for trademark reasons, but the whole XX for 20 thing makes sense. I'm not buying that West Coast Racers is for the go karts. Why trademark the go karts when you aren't gonna be selling shirts with them on it? But I'm glad I'm not the only one on the T Rex hype train. I'm hoping for that or maybe a Mack but we'll see. If it's an S&S I demand one of those air launches (world's faster to 100?). I'm just glad it's not gonna be a spinner. Had any one of those signs been like, "Spinning into new thrills!" I would've checked out entirely.
  10. I was totally gonna post those here too but reddits easier from the phone. Up vote me! But seriously, a racer and a launcher? And what victory are they talking about?
  11. I don't think they cleared that land for a ride but possibly new buildings along the midway. I highly doubt SFMM would make their 20th coaster anything but massive. It just doesn't seem like their style. I'm also convinced the new station will be where the still-standing Deja Queue is. But whatevers going in, it's size kinda depends on the fate of Roaring Rapids. I'm just really excited to see what they do with the area.
  12. I went to the park today to check out the construction and ride a couple things. It was brutally hot so shout out to SFMMGeek27 if he was working because dear Lord I couldn't take that weather. Check out some pictures! What do you think this old random ride station will become? Jet Stream opened late, and definitely needs some love. The retail shop looks completely intact and safe... for now. Across the midway, you can see they're either replacing pieces of wood on Apocalypse or at the very beginning stages of tearing the melonfarmer out. The Great Blue Wall. Ninja's first drop looks so naked these days. The arcade is surrounded by fencing and everything around it has been reduced to dirt. It seems like the building itself is safe though. Some parks provide webcams, SFMM provides holes in their tarp! There's also some work still to be done near Crazanity.
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