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  1. hello everyone, I am planning a trip to go to the park on saturday october 15th. how are crowds on saturdays during october? All I have experienced is Kings island / cedar point during halloweekends and it gets pretty crazy, does holiday world see very large crowds as well?
  2. Thanks for the info guys, I've been convinced to get quick queue unlimited. That's weird about stopping People from entering the park, but could be good to keep lines manageable . If I go out to my car can I get back in at that time? Or am I "locked" in the park lol
  3. these questions probably comes up 10000x and I'm sorry for asking again, but I couldn't find anything in the search cause i'm lame. I'm going to BGW on saturday (probably crowded as hell, but oh well!) and just wondering about the following: 1. what is the best order to do the coasters? Tempesto 1st thing in the morning due to longer loading / waits? 2. what is the best ride to get on at night? I enjoy pitch black through the woods like the beast / parts of diamondback at kings island if that helps thanks!
  4. now try the front seat at night.... about 10x better than the back!
  5. nope, mean streak still down. no idea whats going on with it but it hasn't run yet this season
  6. Anyone at the park today? Is mean streak running yet? Any other rides down yet?
  7. was this the line for normal guests or the early entry for seasons pass holders? I'm a pass holder and was thinking of going to the early entry to ride it tomorrow, will i have a 15-30 minute wait if I hit it right at early entry gate open (9 am)?
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