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  1. I have found most of Premier's "Spaghetti Bowl" coasters come to a quick stop, but Poltergeist at SFFT was abrupt and gave me a pretty good bruise on my first ride earlier this year.
  2. ^ I love the lifts that do the opposite, like Millenium Force and Fury, that suddenly speed up about 2/3 of the way up. It's like they're throwing you over the top.
  3. Just glanced at the webcam and happy to see a crane onsite and construction going vertical on North Star.
  4. Hulk did indeed soft open tonight! When I arrived at the park this morning, I was excited to see Hulk testing with people on board. As I arrived at the entrance however, the barricades were up and they stated that they were just starting to test with ride techs and employees, and that "Hulk would be opening sometime late summer." Imagine my surprise walking past around 7 pm to see the barricades down and "technical rehearsal" signs up! Apparently things were going well and it was a last minute decision to go ahead and open. I took a couple pictures as I rushed to get my cell phone and key
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