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  1. Update to march 13. https://twitter.com/lamardeparques/status/1502993930450882561 Footers map updated Footers map: user coasterroller at La Mar De Parques forum
  2. There are rumors for a hotel in 2024. Several plans have been seen with modifications of land, public transport... in areas surrounding the supposed hotel. And documents from the town hall where the park is located with details of the construction. But there is nothing confirmed by the park yet. LaMarDeParques forum The Black Manta and Aquaman slides will open this year. La Mar De Parques forum
  3. Today, the park starts 2022 season: More footers: La Mar De Parques forum
  4. Footer: Location of footers: LaMarDeParques forum LaMarDeParques forum (user Anton)
  5. Yes, the retrack on Coaster Express is in process for ¿2022-2023?: coaster.alvarez La Mar De Parques forum And the addition in 2022 at Parque Warner Beach water park with 2 slides of ¿Aquaman and Black Manta?: -ProSlide's TornadoWave -ProSlide's FlyingSAUCER La Mar De Parques forum
  6. In recent years there were rumors of a possible Taron-style Intamin coaster @Phantasialand (Blitz coaster) for Parque Warner, using the old simulator building and passing through various areas of the park. With the new shareholders of the Parques Reunidos group, this rumor gained more force, but it was still a rumor. In the last few months there has been a lot of news. On 10/18/21, the official document of the agenda of the City Council of San Martín de la Vega (town where the park is located) and in the matters of the call was found: "application for a license or urban authorization - major work license for the implementation of a roller coaster activity in Parque Warner " With this, the rumor becames "official". Rumors started about where the coaster could go: They started with marks on the ground. Trees have been cut down in Gotham Park (near La Venganza del Enigma drop tower) where the Halloween passage "La llorona" was located in recent years (film "The curse of La llorona"). The back of the simulator building has been demolished: Between La Venganza del Enigma drop tower and Scooby Doo dark ride, what look like supports for footers, ditches, and pipes have appeared. In this last weekend the old queues of La Venganza del Enigma, that were not used because they were for great attendance Old queues: The Batman logo has been removed from the simulator, topographic landmarks have appeared, and the rear of the simulator has been further demolished Comparison of the topographic landmarks of Parque Warner and those used in other constructions. There are already 4 in the park: entrance of the simulator building, next to the simulator queues, next to Scooy Doo and behind the scenes of the Batman stunt show. Supposedly it should using the simulator building, the rear and the Gotham Park part. All rumors. Photos of: LaMarDeParques forum
  7. Installation of the new ride of Inside Out in Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure: Source: La Mar De Parques - LMDP
  8. Works of retheming of Jurassic World - The Ride: Source: La Mar De Parques - LMDP
  9. Progress of the construction of Tidal Twister. Opening 24 may. Source: La Mar De Parques - LMDP
  10. More photos of the construction of West Coast Racers: Source: La Mar De Parques - LMDP
  11. Photos from 1 week ago: Source: La Rueda Mecánica (The mechanical wheel)
  12. Official video with the new rides for the kids area of Ferrari Land park without Junior Red Force coaster. La Rueda Mecanica (The Mechanical Wheel)
  13. According to RCDB, Junior Red Force will be a Race Coaster by SBF Visa Group. Previously at RCDB, the coaster was Speedy Coaster (Zamperla). La Rueda Mecanica (The Mechanical Wheel)
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