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  1. ^ Apparently they're not coming back till next season... likely with the new Coaster.
  2. I'm not surprised at all, seeing what Carowinds did for their hotel.
  3. Not me, since there are zero markers under Hurler and a ton near Thunder Road's station, and White Water Falls.
  4. Same. It's one of my favorite rides to ride during my visits.
  5. They said they would not return in 2018, but would in 2019.
  6. ^ Looks like the same color scheme of the new paint is the same as Carowinds' ricochet.
  7. Since you've stated this with great authority can you elaborate some on the details so we all know exactly what the issues are? We're all obviously dying to know. Don't know precise details, but it's been stated by Pete numerous times during events that the launch was certainly an issue at first, but a larger issue was with wiring and broken things within the trains. That's all that I believe has been told to us, publicly.
  8. ^ The launch was definitely an issue, but a primary issue was the trains.
  9. ^ I sure do hope she brings the 'KD spirit'! I hope flowers, flowers, and even more flowers are in Carowinds' future!
  10. It really depends on how hard it's raining. If its light, or just casual rain most rides should be running. Really heavy rain could bring some problems, though.
  11. ^ I don't see any fanboys, in fact I'm probably the only caro fanboy responding to that ludicrous statement. Volcano is a great launch AND inverted coaster, but it sure as hell ain't Afterburn. Afterburn, is just so much better. Just because someone doesn't agree with your 'opinion' doesn't mean they're cancer or a fanboy.
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