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  1. This might've been pointed out before, but the picture for Zadra on Energylandia's website that shows up when you first visit the site doesn't really look like the real track. Disregarding the red wood at the front, the track behind the train also look like it's wood. Doesn't affect the ride of course, but they should've been able to use a picture with the correct track.
  2. The side is down for me, does it work for everyone else or was it a mistake from Liseberg's side?
  3. What the heck, I clicked the link and... the site is online...?! Please welcome Loke the Giant Discovery Boomerang, and Valkyria the Dive Machine B&M. Seems good to me, I think we'll see the details tomorrow, which will be interesting for the dive coaster. I would've liked to see a dive coaster bigger than valravn though, since there are basically no roller coasters with world records in Sweden. One thing is that loke seems rather unoriginal in one sense since they made Mechanica 2015.
  4. Well that definitely sounds like a dueling coaster, or something similar.
  5. How's the wait time? I was there today as well, it wasn't that bad at all most of the time (10-20 min on average maybe), but it was in the middle of the week so it might be longer during weekends. I'm not completely sure but it might be affected by the dolphin show right next to it as well since it's rather popular, I'm guessing at least some people there will prioritize it over wildfire and such. Off topic, but it was a great ride, glad to have a roller coaster of this "tier" closer to Stockholm, there's Helix as well but that's much further away.
  6. I'm assuming the final POV will be done together with TPR, but I'm wondering, is it possible to maybe create a montage/timelapse showing the process wildfire being built?
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