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  1. If it's going to take over an hour to get one's food then they may want to extend the lunch/dinner times. At this point you should just be able to get two meals between the hours of 11:30 and 7:30. There is no need to take that one hour break from 3:30 - 4:30. Or they should have every available terminal open to take orders. They were only using one at JB's then realized "oops". They still had a third terminal that was sitting there unused.
  2. I met Pete this weekend and had no idea who he was. Seemed really nice. All I have to say is they had better figure out how to deal with the Dining issue. Luckily I sat at the Bar at JB's Smokehouse chatting with Richie and ordered from him. The line stretched all the way out and to the star in front of JLBFM. That is unacceptable. When I left the park, I had to fight my way through the massive lines at 1904, The Mexican place and Colonades. There were SOOOOOO many people in line. It was just ridiculous.
  3. Let us in JL @ 10:42. All monitors shut down completely @ 10:44. Just standing here
  4. Per usual for SFSTL....Justice League is having technical difficulties and won't open at 10:30. Stay classy, SFSTL!
  5. My wife and I will be there! I have a feeling we will be spending a fair amount of time in JB's Smokehouse sampling some brews. I will be the bald guy with a goatee.
  6. So.....just how crowded do we think it's going to be on Opening Day? I'm trying to decide if it's worth going out there or not.
  7. The real question is why do you have a platinum flash pass at SFStL? Exactly!
  8. Or an ad for Six Flags will play, showing all the awesome coasters they have at their other parks. I wish I had a dollar for every time I overheard someone in line saying "we have to go ride that coaster next". I then tell them they had better get to steppin' because that coaster is in California.
  9. Seriously? Of all the coasters, they pick the F'n Ninja. What a waste.
  10. I grayed out in the helix on Titan every time I rode it. I've ridden coasters hundreds of times and that is the only coaster to ever do that to me.
  11. We have walked on American Thunder every time we've gone to the parks in the last 3 years. We typically visit SFSTL 15-20 times a year.
  12. Me. But then again, I also remember the Sports Cars and Jet Scream there, too.
  13. Thanks for posting that video! That brings back some great memories of visiting the park during that time. Yes, I am old!
  14. We went out to the park this past Saturday to process our AP and Dining plan for 2016 and to do a couple of rides. I love the fact that the Gold Dining plan can be used at the other parks. We plan on visiting 3 or 4 others next year. We had early entry and headed straight for Justice League. Believe it or not, it actually opened at 10:30 for a change. We were about to be loaded into the 4th car of the morning and then...poof! Broke down. It took about 30 - 40 minutes to get it worked out. Oh, and this would be the seventh ride on our version and the doors were STILL NOT WORKING. My gun also quit working in the joker scene *sigh* We didn't bother to ride it again once a line formed. Took a couple of spins on Freeze, Superman (first time it's been open while I'm there), American Thunder (love it!), Batman and Eagle. I refuse to ride The Boss, regardless of someone saying "oh, it's so smooooth this year"...NOT! They actually had most of the restaurants open this time. I noticed the 1904 Classics hot dog stand and one of the pizza places was closed. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone ask "well where else can we get a hot dog because that is all my kid will eat". JB's Smokehouse pork nachos were as awesome as ever though so I'm not complaining. Oh, and I asked what the hell happened on Labor day and was told that they had 64 food workers scheduled to work that day and 42 of them called in. At least that is what I was told at JB's.
  15. SFSTL has completed a lot of painting projects at the park over the last year. I really think all of the restaurants in the park need some TLC. With more and more people eating at the restaurants in the park, most of the restaurants show lots of wear. Besides whatever the new ride will be in 2016.. what would you like to see the park change or update? My opinion? This is just my opinion, but our family of 5 ( my wife and I and our 3 children) has season passes with dining passes, so i'm just voicing my opinion. I am at the park just about every weekend. 1: Renovate the restaurants inside the park. Everyone of them needs updating and making more modern and efficient. First impression means everything! 2: Make the dining pass available to be used at all Six Flags parks, even if it does cost extra I would pay for it. 3: Create new menu items at the restaurants. 4: Make the dining pass hours just a little bit longer, or at least let the snack be used until park closes. 5: Have special Hurricane Harbor time on a weekend night, just for season pass holders. Like from 7pm-11pm? I completely agree with all of those ideas!
  16. The doors have all stayed open on every ride I've been on at the SFSTL location. That is why I questioned it. I've ridden ours 6 times on different days. I think that adds to the screens not seeming clear and bright like they were at SFoT. If that solves the issue then it would make it much more enjoyable. I swear that I never knew that Flash and Wonder Woman were in that fight scene on our version due to the washed out screens.
  17. Whilst I appreciate your kind words with regards to my home park SFOT, I'm sure better days are ahead for SFSTL. Also, I haven't been on the SFSTL version of JLBFM, but aren't they basically the same? Yeah, they are. Our layout is a bit longer so yes, the fire is a bit further away from the vehicles, however all the other elements are the same. I guess Mad Hatter must've had an unlucky ride on our version, as we have the Lex hologram and a figure in the surprise car. Does SFSTL have doors that open and close between each scene?
  18. After just returning from SFoT I can safely say that our park here is borderline embarrassing! And I have to say, their Justice League is MUCH better than our version. One example would be that I didn't even realize that Wonder Woman and Flash were a part of the ride until riding their version. Their screens seem so much brighter and clearer, the fire effect is much closer, they actually have a Lex Luthor image/hologram in the spot where we just stare at a blank space, there is an actual "figure" sitting in the surprise truck scene instead of just a screen, and so on and so on and so on. New Texas Giant is the bomb! One of my favorite coasters I've ever ridden. And there is something pretty damn scary about a 400 foot tall Skyscreamer vs our much shorter version.
  19. Texaparkman....Pecan Lodge was at the top of my list along with Lockhart. It was a perplexing decision on which one to hit. I decided on Lockhart because of it's proximity to the Dallas Zoo, which we are doing on Friday. Yes, I will get there well before they open because I have done my research and know to get there early. I have also done my research and realize that parking in The Bishop Art district is a "beotch" to park in. I have since revised my plan because we arrive in Dallas at 9:15 am on Thursday and will hit up Pecan Lodge for lunch on our way to our hotel in Arlington. I can't NOT hit them both! Thanks for all the well wishes and advice here. You guys rock! And I haven't properly introduced myself or have a sig that states what I've ridden but I can tell you this. DW and I are theme park junkies and have ridden coasters at the following: SFSTL - all - Ap holders - way more times than I like - can we get a Hyper already??? SDC - all WOF - all SFGA - all Universal Orlando - all - AP holders WDW -all- AP holders DLR - all BGTB - all Holiday World - all Cedar Point - all Knots Berry - all Magic Mountain - most Kings Island - all SFOT - about to be all!
  20. Thanks for the info, Chadster. We have APs so we won't be doing full days at the park. We are doing a lot of other things while in the area. We are going to both the Dallas and FW Zoos, attending a Rangers game and taking a tour of AT & T stadium. I already have plans to eat at Lockhart Smokehouse in Dallas, Smokey's in FW and Hard Eight on the way back to the airport. And thanks for the hydration information, scooterdoug. We will definitely be taking that advise to heart!
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