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  1. Seems like crap from the other food locations thrown into one place. Nah, cause then it would have been named 'Foul Crap' LOL! Nice one!
  2. Seems like crap from the other food locations thrown into one place.
  3. Thanks for the pics of Fowl Ball, Harleyguy. Lets see....named FOWL Ball and you have ONE actual chicken option (and tenders, at that). Makes perfect sense in a Six Flags STL kinda way.
  4. What makes you think something is closing? ...must of missed that rumor. My guess is Tidal Wave would get the axe. Probably because Georgia started hinting the same thing today.
  5. I was actually the first one in that line at NR on Friday morning. How can you not have it running when the park opens? Especially when you are promoting a "new ride". I bitched to a Manager and got a ticket to bypass the line when it finally did open. Yeah....rode it 3 times in a row because the headsets never worked for one person on the entire train. Not once! I was done trying after those 3 attempts. The reason they gave me as to why it wasn't working....."the VR doesn't work when it's overcast, it has to be sunny." Yeah...can't wait to bake in the sun while waiting that 4-11 minutes for the train in front of me to leave the station. #FAIL
  6. They were on last week except for the one in the first queue room (it's not really needed since it will loop a minimum of two times in the second room). Maintenance might have forgotten to enable them in the morning as the are separate from Cyborg's audio and movement and the main screens and audio in the loading area. They were also off on Saturday. See this is the stuff Disney and Paramount/Cedar Fair get right. I don't mean to draw the comparison, but I do. It's the little stuff that adds up. I would love to see the park sounds turned back on in the Batman queue. The TVs in JL poofed while I was in line on opening day and haven't seen them back on since. Speaking of Batman....I want the Prince music turned back on!!
  7. OUCH was all I could think as I watched your head bash around on that thing. I will do it once just to see what it's about, but that is it!
  8. Not sure what food line you were on but we got to JB's at about 6pm. The line was relatively short and we got our food in a timely manner. No problems. The lines for rides were definitely long but that's because the park was crowded. Nothing struck me as unusual. I know nothing unusual.. Food lines at about 2 were, 45 minutes at the least. The food lines are a big problem. They sold so many Dining Passes because they could. What they didn't do, was the math. They don't have enough support to supply the demand. It's beyond frustrating. And to think...it's about to be a whole lot busier. Good times!! I've seen JBs line stretch all the way out past the star on the walkway at Freeze and JL. People waited over an hour just to get to the register. It's a popular place due to location, good food and a bar (with Sports). They really need to reconfigure it to allow more registers. But then you have to have the support behind it. It's not working at all right now.
  9. Thoughts on Fireball: -kids will probably like it, not your average theme park junkie. -the que was only filled up with 3 of the 4 available rows and it still took 35 minutes to get strapped in. -It will open with a single rider line. -figure out the "loose article" situation. They state to remove everything from your pockets yet only had ONE small container (like Freeze) for 24 people to put things in. Also, the way it's laid out doesn't work. You have to go all the way up the stairs (if you are first in row 1 and 4) and cross through, then walk back down the stairs on the other side and through the exit to find a container for your valuables and the cup holder stand. That will be a nightmare for loading times. -it looks cool, so there's that. -in absolutely no hurry to ride it again.
  10. Rode Fireball today. Took 35 minutes without a full que. The ride was exactly as expected....meh. One cool thing did happen today. While riding Freeze, it didn't make it up the first hill and came flying back in the station. Was stuck on it about 15 minutes.
  11. Daily inspections start before park open, but if maintenance is working on them past open time, they still need to be reinspected, just as if an e-stop was made or a breakdown. The only rides that may get inspected last minute or "late" would be the ones in the back due to the time it takes guests to get to them.... They generally work front to back. Early entry is to keep the front gates and metal detection free flowing and not backed up and relieve them of pressure... large crowds packed together like that in the front are a security and safety risk... And they also do it to make a few sales in the front mall area and drink stands so that when the gates do open, the lines for those stands don't block the way of all those guests trying to come in and slow down the entry process. As far as informing the guests of non moving lines, some rides do not have speakers... Yes, I agree they should have workers at those rides verbally face to face letting the guests know, and I have no idea why they do not. But I do know at rides that do have speakers, they generally do inform. HWFan.... Anything I forgot here? Every other Six Flags I have been to, and entered early with my Gold Pass, you were able to ride the rides immediately. You didn't just que up for them in line. It's frustrating that our park has to be different.
  12. So do we have this to look forward to when the VR opens up on Ninja? If the food lines are any indication then I would say, "you bet we do"! From Screamscape: Just a word of warning for anyone wanting to try to The New Revolution VR Coaster experience at Six Flags over Georgia. According to a reader who visited the other day, the addition to the VR gear has dramatically increased the length of time it takes to load and dispatch the trains. Our reader reports that they got in line where the 60 minute wait marker was, but the true wait time was nearly three times as long… as it took them 2 hours and 55 minutes to get to the front with three trains in operation.
  13. We waited over 20 minutes in line at Colonnades to pick up a Pudding Cup on our way out at 4:25. At 4:50, without moving at all in line, we just said #@%# it and left.
  14. We have a Joe Bocardi's right next door to the Poor Richard's in Fenton. It's the best of both worlds! We swing by there on Monday nights. They have half off pizza to go (limit of one - bummer). Mmmmmm....a Joe's Special tastes even better when it costs $7.
  15. We go there quite a bit. We usually visit the one in Fenton because it's closer to our house. I usually get their Saturday Wing Special (available everyday). It comes with a dozen wings, salad and garlic cheese bread for $10. If you like wings then it's hard to beat that deal. Considering Buffalo Wild Wings charges $7 for 5 wings now, it makes it a really sweet deal.
  16. We didn't eat in the parks until the JB's Smokehouse opened. That place has some really good BBQ for a theme park. And then we bought the Dining Pass 2 or 3 years ago and use it there, otherwise we would go down to Poor Richards for wings and then back to the park.
  17. I disagree. We have APs to both Universal Orlando and WDW so I am used to standing in lines. They see more people in one day than our SF sees in a week. I've never waited in lines for food at those places like I have at our SF. I think they oversold the Dining Passes and are now playing catch up. It doesn't seem like the right approach to me.
  18. American Thunder @ SFSTL last Friday. Before that was Dragon Challenge @ Universal Orlando in January.
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