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  1. We are actually really looking forward to HITP. It's going to seem really weird to see the park all lit up after all these years. It will also be weird to visit the park when the temps are going to be really low.
  2. Go Blues, without a doubt!! It's hard to route for the Cubs to win the World Series, though. I'm not really a Cleveland fan....it's more of not being remotely interested in hearing Cubs fans if they win. I hope the Blues start playing better than their last couple of games. Elliot stoned us the other night!
  3. Barrage of typed words? I understand now. In the future I will lower my expectations for an upcharge event. Makes perfect sense to me. I will also try to be less sanctimonious. Again....Go, Cleveland!
  4. Personally I think his post was mostly focused on his approach to the whole thing (which he acknowledged has changed over time), I don't think it was meant to lecture you on what your approach should be. I'm not really involved in this but that's my two cents. Why does everyone take everything as a personal insult lately? I really don't think that was the intention. Sorry, I disagree. "I didn't whine about not being surrounded in a circle jerk of scare actors after my 45 waits for mediocre haunts." But it's fine. He has his opinion and is welcomed and entitled to share it. Moving along...Go, Cleveland Indians!
  5. Too funny. I thought this was a discussion board. Perhaps I was wrong. And to take YOUR advice after reading you slam the parks year after year after year? Yeah...that falls on deaf ears to me. I've been a pass holder since the 80's at SFSTL so I've been a huge supporter for a long time. I've seen it all...good and bad. Am I supposed to not care that their event doesn't meet my expectations? I gave feedback on an event that SFSTL charges extra for. It did not meet my particular expectations and I gave my review. I posted on a discussion board. Should we not do that? I took the Survey I was sent by SFSTL afterwards and gave them my feedback about their event "lacking" Should we just go back to slamming Fireball and Spinsanity for the carnival rides they are? This particular section of the board will be a joyous place once the big steel gets built. Here's to still hoping/wishing/dreaming. Edit - I do agree with you about the politics part of it.
  6. We never saw 5-8 people in any house on Saturday. Everyone that was in our group stated the same thing, "where are all the scare actors?" Are you counting the people outside the houses that hold you up before you go in? In that case, there was 3. From a Twitter user on Friday night (and this is about the scare zones - houses were just as vacant) So it's not just me who has had a similar experience!
  7. There is absolutely no convenience factor to the food plan for Fright Fest. That was my point... why stand in line for an hour? If it's a Tuesday in July, I totally get it. We went to pick up our 2017 season passes. Since there are four of us, they were up graded to gold. All for 60 bucks a head with tax. We're planning on using the visit any park feature on our vacation to DC and Philly at America and Great Adventure. We plan on using the feature as well on short trips to Atlanta and Chicago. We bought one premium dining pass for 80 bucks just so we get the unlimited soda bottle that's good at all parks. Since our family already has coodies, we'll share the drinks. But, when I passed the Panda Express I counted a line of 50 deep to eat flavored exlax. There's just something absurd about that. I get it, no offense, we use it the same way; other parks and such. Just responding to the implication of cheapness. Yes, it's totally absurd BUT it is what it is for FF. They are not going to build extra food venues for what comes down to 4 weekends a year when the crowds are 10 times larger than any other time of the year. Does it totally suck, yes. Should they keep experimenting with extra carts and/or food trucks and/or whatever they can to alleviate the lines, yes. Will it ever reduce the lines to a really reasonable level, probably not. Do you have alternatives, not many but a couple; such as leaving the park to eat via restaurant or picnic in car. Is that a hassle, yes. FF is a hassle, lol. Is it worth it? Personal opinion for each to decide. You know what would help alleviate some of FF food lines? Actually have more than ONE person at the register when it's set up for multiple points of ordering. JB's had one for the hours we spent there ( a lot of time at the bar, mind you, plus we had to wait an hour for nachos). I happened to witness a "not so kind" women telling them what she thought about the lack of multiple registers being operated. We too buy our passes so we can use them at other parks. It is a huge benefit to buy them in St Louis because they are so much cheaper than say Great America or Magic Mountain. We've visited 5 other SF parks in the last few years with our passes. And now that the Dining Plan is accepted at other parks it makes it even more of a bonus. I just with there was some sort of competence level displayed when it came to staffing the restaurants/food carts. But then again, when you only have two scare actors throughout the entire"haunted house", I guess that is asking for too much.
  8. They had two food trucks out there last Saturday night when we went. I'm not sure of the menus but I do remember seeing two food trucks. One near the Train Station and one over by Justice League. They had long lines so it appears they are quite popular.
  9. Hmm, after reading your post, I think you might be confused. It sounds like you might have been visiting Universal. In all seriousness, glad you had a great time. The overall atmosphere is my favorite part of Fright Fest. I assume your Universal comment was a dig at me. I like (don't love) our park. I've been a pass holder since the 80's so I've seen my fair share of ups and downs at SFSTL. The Fright Fest is a joke and waste of time and money. That was my point. But you are correct...Universal DOES rock (Pass Holders as well).
  10. Understood. But we do our own house up each year better than Six Flags does. It was embarrassing. All the sets in the houses start to look the same after two of them. And they REALLY like banging on empty 55 gallon drums. I guess that is spooky?
  11. Wow. These two reviews couldn't possibly be more contradictory. Maybe it's a case of unrealistic expectations? I mean... it's Six Flags during Fright Fest. You should expect horrendous food service from any restaurant that accepts the dining plan at this point. It doesn't make it okay, but you should really expect it. No luck needed. I'll get it at 30 seconds from a vending machine. This is why I don't buy the dining plan, I'd rather pay more for convenience of eating at places that don't accept it (and therefore have reasonable food lines) and getting soda from vending machines. I'm assuming you have the dining plan because if you were really just in that line for soda then you're certifiably insane. I'm not justifying the crappiness of Six Flags service but if you show up during Fright Fest not expecting huge waits then that's kind of on you. Oh, I expected it, trust me. I expected the line to be 30-45 minutes. What I didn't expect was the hour wait after ordering. And we did take our 2016 Soda bottle but never waited in those lines. I just took pics of the insanity.
  12. What a complete letdown, it was waste of time and money. Never again! I suppose we were spoiled by the fact that we just spent a week at Universal Orlando and did HHN26 for 3 nights. It's not even that, though. The houses and scare zones were worthless. What is the point of having a house set up to scare you and only have 2 or maybe 3 actors in the entire thing?? And to charge $25-$35 for a house pass? What a rip off! Not to mention, standing in a food ordering line for 45 minutes, only to get to the point of order and being told it would be an hour before the food would be ready. Six Flags is clearly not set up for an event (if you want to call it that) of this type. Oh, and you want a soda? Well good luck with that! Six Flags should be EMBARRASSED by putting on an event like this!
  13. Don't we already have this ride in our park? It's called Yosemite Sam's Tugboat Tailspin!
  14. It was done with a GREAT amount of reluctance, but I just renewed our APs because of the Flash Sale of $50 each. It makes it a cheap way to visit every Six Flags park in the Country other than ours after we process them by November 6th.
  15. Nope. It's going across from Tsunami Soaker Are they taking out the old Chevy Show building?
  16. Put me in the "rough as hell crowd"! I rode in once this year only because my visiting nephew wanted to ride it. He got off it and was like "WTF, that hurt!"
  17. ^ Half the time those signs are way wrong. All they are there for is to try to entice you to buy the Flash Pass.
  18. Excellent! You just made me want to visit Carowinds. That's one place we've never gotten around to. It seems like we should.
  19. Awesome TR! We've never visited Carowinds before but after reading and viewing your TR, I think we need to change that status!
  20. OK, listen. You don't and haven't been to the park in forever. So don't scold me for my opinion of a "new restaurant" in the park. Capisce? And before you call me "butthurt", I'm not. I think you misunderstood me. I didn't mean for you to think I was dogging your opinion. I was just letting you know my personal stance. It's all good, Dude. I was just hoping for fried chicken like Calico's used to serve. Something different. And trust me...more beer in the park is always a big plus in my book!
  21. OK, listen. You don't and haven't been to the park in forever. So don't scold me for my opinion of a "new restaurant" in the park. Capisce? And before you call me "butthurt", I'm not. I took my niece and nephew, who were visiting from Oregon, out to the park yesterday since we had the "get someone in for $10" deal through the end of this week. The park seemed really crowded because of that. They had a blast. We literally rode every ride except Highland Fling and Thunder River. I rip on the park (because honestly, sometimes it deserves it) because it all seems old hat to me. I have more of an appreciation for the park when I see it through the eyes of a 14 and 12 year old. We were there for over 8 hours and I had to drag them out of the park after I logged 13.53 miles of walking. That is a lot on this 50 year-old body! On a side note, I have been to the park close to a thousand times since the early 70's and I can recall maybe one or two times that someone threw up on a ride. It happened twice to us yesterday. I am proud to say that it wasn't anyone in our party. Overall, it was a pretty successful day and everyone had fun. Even Justice League and New Revolution were running smoothly. I finally got to enjoy NR with working VR after 3 unsuccessful attempts earlier in the year. The kids absolutely loved the VR on the ride. They have skipped Ninja on previous trips because it bangs them up badly. They both agreed that they would ride the coaster again since it had the VR aspect now. We weren't waiting another hour for it like we did earlier in the day. Mean Uncle had to put his foot down on that decision.
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