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  1. I agree that Knott's next three additions should be a dark ride (which is likely happening in 2015), a major coaster, and a new slide complex for Soak City. They've done a good job of honoring the past in updating the TMLR and Mine Ride, and I think the Boardwalk and Camp Snoopy additions were excellent. However, now it's time to focus their attention on other areas. It's been 10 years now since Silver Bullet and 8 years since anything was added to Soak City (Pacific Spin in 2006).
  2. I think it's already been mentioned, but my vote goes for Flashback--that's definitely a ride that never should've been built. It was so bad that Six Flags put it in three different parks before finally scrapping it. I rode it once at SFMM in the early 90's and it knocked my head around worse than any coaster I've ever been on. Besides the head-banging, it didn't go fast and just wasn't a fun ride at all. It's probably the worst thing Intamin has ever built.
  3. Yes, it looks like they extended the season pass sale until November 6th. I doubt they will announce the new ride until the pass prices go up. There was another post by Knott's on Facebook that said "We have a lot of new fun coming in 2015", so they are definitely planning something.
  4. Based on what's happened in prior years, I would expect the Gold and Platinum passes to go up in price tomorrow as well.
  5. Just an FYI, today is the last day to get 2015 Knott's season passes for $76.50 (paid out at $8.50 a month for 9 months). There's also deals on the Gold Pass (which includes Soak City) and the Platinum Pass (includes parking and admission to all Cedar Fair parks). I believe this deal is even cheaper than the 2014 season passes, which I remember being $78. I figured they would wait to announce the 2015 additions until this deal is over and they raise the season pass price. There was a post on Facebook where someone asked about new rides for 2015 and Knott's responded by saying stay tuned fo
  6. Dark ride in 2015 and a major thrill coaster in 2016, make it happen Knott's!
  7. I tend to agree with this post, come out with a killer dark ride in 2015 and then a new thrill coaster in 2016. The dark ride is a no-brainer, since they already have the building and it's always nice to escape the heat in the summer. My family has really enjoyed the recent park additions and revamps the last few years, but 10 years between thrill rides is just too long. I think the loss of Windseeker has hurt the park because that was a new and exciting ride that nobody else in California had. With Harry Potter coming to Universal in 2016, I think Knott's needs a major attraction of their
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