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  1. ^^ I think there is definitely a good chance for Valleyfair to get a B&M. I worked at Valleyfair for 4 years in the mid 2000s, and Valleyfair was VERY close to getting a B&M invert instead of Renegade. I saw the actual designs for the B&M invert we were supposed to receive, it was supposed to go in the location of where Antique Autos were (current Dinos Alive), and the layout was very similar to what Talon is at Dorney Park. There were multiple very detailed designs that I got to see of it. A friend of mine who worked in park services found them in the trash. I am not sure what caused the change in plans but it was definitely something that was planned for the 2007 season at one point!
  2. I think some people are disappointed because of the false rumors that were passed along saying that this would be a huge and complete overhaul of the waterpark. I also think this is probably just phase 1, i'm sure over the next few years we will see a phase 2 that will provide an update to the old section of the waterpark.
  3. I am also not that impressed with this announcement. Valleyfair already has a couple speed slides that go straight down, and now they are adding 4 more. I do think the floor dropping on the slides will be thrilling, just wish the layouts were more interesting. Also the kids play structure looks fairly small in the picture compared to ones that other parks have. Hopefully they didn't go too big in an effort to save money for our B&M next year
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