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  1. Hi, after a decade plus of wanting to visit Cedar Point I finally had my first experience last week! I thought I'd share a little bit about my trip along with some pictures. We stayed at Hotel Breakers July 4th through July 7th (2 days in the park). I was hesitant at staying at Hotel Breakers at first because of the price, especially since it was July 4th week and it was extra expensive. But it is worth every penny, you can't beat the location and convenience of being able to go back to your room any time throughout the day while at the park. The hotel room itself was mediocre, our toilet flush didn't work the entire time even after maintenance came and 'fixed' it and there was also ants on our bathroom floor. Other than that the rest of the hotel/resort was nice. We had meals at the Perkins and TGI Fridays at the hotel and also ordered Pizza in from Domino's for lunch one of the days. Also an added benefit of staying at Hotel Breakers was the July 4th firework show on the beach which was great. First day at the park we got to the Magnum entrance around 10am and went straight for Steel Vengeance. The line took almost 2 hours! Initially we were only going to get fast lane on Friday, but after this wait we decided to splurge and get the fast lane both days. It was totally worth it and made our experience so much better as we were able to take our time and really enjoy other parts of the park. Overall Cedar Point exceeded my expectations and the atmosphere and number of high quality rides was incredible, definitely looking forward to my next visit. Here was my total coaster count in order of my favorite to least favorite: 6 x Steel Vengeance 2 x Maverick 2 x Millennium Force 2 x Top Thrill Dragster 3 x Valravn 1 x Raptor 2 x Gatekeeper 1 x Rougarou 1 x Magnum XL 200 1 x Gemini 1 × Wicked Twister 1 x Corkscrew 1 × Blue Streak 1 x Cedar Creek Mine Ride 0 x Iron Dragon (For some reason this ride didn't have a fast pass line and the wait was always 45+ min) On to some pictures: Hotel Breakers had a nice boardwalk with convenient park entrances on each end Great views from the beach, they had different beach activities/games going on throughout the day Loved the historic but modern feel of Hotel Breakers Cool rotunda with 'floating' lights in the hotel Our hotel room view, could get used to waking up to this view Steel Vengeance was amazing, my favorite element was the outward banked airtime filled turn Front row on Millennium Force provided a much better ride than the middle of the train, loved this coaster Great to see Coasters restaurant! Used to work at the one at Valleyfair The first drop in the front left seat of this ride was amazing, the rest of the ride is fun too although not as intense Gatekeeper is a beautiful looking coaster, really enjoyed the first drop and first half of the ride Having ridden Kingda Ka, I thought this was smoother and having only a lap bar makes a big difference, you can never really be prepared for this type of launch! Loved the main midway at Cedar Point, Sky Ride was great, wished it was longer Loved Maverick but only got to ride it twice since it was down most of the trip, we were unlucky since we also experienced breakdowns at Raptor, Steel Vengeance, TTD, Gemini, and Valravn during our time there. Really enjoyed visiting the museum and seeing this huge model of Steel Vengeance, can't wait to see it fully complete Found Magnum XL-200 to be very rough, enjoyed the views of the waterpark from it though Very scenic trail from the boardwalk alongside Magnum XL 200 Nothing beats a night ride on Steel Vengeance in the last row, absolutely crazy!
  2. Definitely in the minority here with my opinion, ridden two RMCs and here's how I would rank them: 1. Goliath - Loved the height, drop, and speed. The zero g-stall is one of my favorite elements on any rollercoaster. The only negative thing about this ride was that it felt short. 2. Twisted Colossus - I was really hyped for this after hearing so many good things about this ride but unfortunately it did not live up to the expectations. It was a fun ride and had some nice pops of airtime but there was nothing too special about it. I also never got to experience the dueling part since the dispatches weren't timed well.
  3. Sure, put one impulse coaster just a hundred feet from another one. Thankfully after tomorrow the re-furbed Boomerang to VF speculation will end. Good thing Cedar Fair has never done that before...
  4. Hey guys, visited the park for the first time this season yesterday 7/28. Overall it was a good day, just a little too hot though. Surprisingly the lines weren't bad at all, the longest we waited was for North Star which was about 20 minutes. North Star is a solid addition to the park, it is not that thrilling but it has great visual appeal and really enhances the Valleyfair skyline. I think it's location is perfect, and it gives people even more of a reason to walk down the path to the Steel Venom/Route 76 area. Also, made sure to get some rides in on Excalibur just in case it gets removed but did not see any signs of construction, it's looking like construction won't start until next season. Here are some random pictures that I took during my visit. Great addition to the park, like this a lot more than the mondial windseekers This queue actually had shade! Renegade and Xtreme Swing take note. Steel Venom running awesome as always! Best ride on a hot day Great views of North Star from all over the park. Excalibur has its sword back! Will really miss this ride if it ever does leave Excalibur station I see you Renegade Wild Thing was also running great, did not really notice much of a difference with the new ride control system Riptide really livens up the games midway area!
  5. Went recently for the first time, my order is: 1. Tatsu 2. X2 3. Twisted Colossus 4. Full Throttle 5. Goliath
  6. Looks like Adult Night also made it to the news, not in a good way though.. http://www.fox9.com/news/257209219-story
  7. Recently went to Universal Studios last Friday Dec. 30th, I figured I'd post a quick trip review. It was just my wife and I, it was her first time to Universal in like 15 years but I have been to both parks a couple times recently. My wife is a huge harry potter fan and since we only had one day in Orlando we decided to buy the park to park pass and make Harry Potter the top priority of our visit. We got to the park at 10:00AM, it was a pretty cold day but given the time of the year it was still very crowded. We started by going straight to Diagon Alley, we easily spent the first couple hours of the day just checking out the different stores and areas of Diagon Alley, the level of detail is incredible, and we really enjoyed the mini Ollivanders wand show. Escape from Gringotts was closed all morning but as soon as we got out of Ollivanders we noticed they had just opened it, so we were fortunate to get a short wait of about 45 minutes (It was a 150 minute wait the rest of the day). We really enjoyed the ride and then grabbed lunch at the Leaky Cauldron, the food was great, especially the butterbeer and pumpkin juice! We waited about an hour for the Hogwarts Express and then made our way to Hogsmeade. The train ride is really neat, and the cars are just like they are in the movies, I think it was a great idea to connecting the two parks in this way, and judging by the lines they are making a lot of $$$ from Park to Park tickets. We did not enjoy Hogsmeade as much as Diagon Alley, it was just too congested and the locker situation for Dragon Challenge and Forbidden Journey was a complete mess. Not only do you have hundreds of lockers in a tiny space, they were full most of the time, and so you would have a ton of people crowding around the lockers waiting for one to open up. You can tell that when designing Hogsmeade they did not ever expect these levels of crowds, hopefully they can expand the area soon and redesign the locker areas, we did not run into any of these issues in Diagon Alley. We then went to check out the renovated Incredible Hulk, loved the new ride entrance sign and station. It is one of my favorite rides in the park, and it feels much smoother now and the launch was amazing as always. After that we checked out the new King Kong ride, the theme of the queue/ride was very well done, and overall the ride was fun. The huge vehicles and screens on both sides make it different from the other 3-D Screen rides at Universal. We made our way back to the Hogwarts Express and then ran to Escape from Gringotts for one last ride with no wait right before park close. Overall we had a great day, I wish we could have made it to more of the non-Potter rides, but we made it to as much as possible with how crowded it was. Hopefully will be back soon! Escape from Gringotts x 2 Hogwarts Express x 2 Dragon Challenge Chinese Fireball x 1 Dragon Challenge Hungarian Horntail x 1 Forbidden Journey x 1 Incredible Hulk x 1 Skull Island - Reign of Kong x 1
  8. In regards to marketing, they probably held off on announcing the conversion to get more people to come to the park to ride Mean Streak one last time. And now they can announce that there will be a better, RMC version of Mean Streak next year.
  9. I wish it was 'new heights', but am still happy with the addition . They should have put this in Wild Thing's turn around!
  10. I saw this on another coaster forum, thought I'd share it here. Gives a good idea of how the new sky flyer will change the skyline
  11. I did a quick look online and found a old presentation that included the airspace zoning for Flying Cloud Airport, and it looks like the entire park falls around the 320 feet height limit. I've attached a picture and marked Valleyfair, which is at the bottom right. I'm not sure how accurate this is though. Flying Cloud Airport Airspace Zoning
  12. I'm very interested in seeing how tall this star flyer will be and if the myth that Valleyfair can't build over 275 feet is true.
  13. Renegade was announced in mid-August. Nope it was announced September 21st, 2006. I remember since it was a couple days before my birthday http://www.coaster-net.com/news/749-a-new-renegade-on-the-way-to-valleyfair/
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