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  1. I'm going with Cedar Fair, because they have good management and employees. But, I think there is way too much focus on Cedar Point. But, I think Six Flags deserves some points for there AMAZING rmc's
  2. Yeah, I guess I wasn't thinking about all the elements and stats, but the high five element would be kind of pointless if the trains don't run correctly...
  3. Oh boy... I hope SFMM doesn't screw the trains up with TC... If they do, I'm asking Cedar Fair to buy Magic Mountain...
  4. 1. Top Thrill Dragster 2. XPoo 3. New Texas Giant 4. Millenium Force 5. Maverick 6. Tatsu 7. El Toro 8. Intimidator 305 9. Bizarro 10. Nitro (I hope Twisted Colossus breaks into this list)
  5. I vote Twisted Colossus cause it is at my home park, and it appealed me more than Wicked Cyclone. I also saw someone say Wicked Twister, but I forgot who. Sounds like a brain fart
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