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  1. This season I've read about and witnessed multiple occasions of people being asked to show glasses straps at different parks. Could just be confirmation bias on my part, but it almost makes me wonder if there's some new restriction that's being rapidly adopted among a number of parks.


    When I was at Cedar Point a few weeks ago I wore my sunglasses almost the entire time. Sometimes they would ask if I had a strap and sometimes they wouldn't, but it's obviously possible that they were still looking even when they didn't ask. They've had that as a rule for at least a couple years now so I bought a strap for like $4 when I got to the park.


    But at Kings Island the day before I wore them without a strap on a lot of rides and never got questioned once.

  2. 1. Everyone is fired for not telling me about the train ride through Boneville. I just happened to take a full loop toward the end of the day, and that was such a charming and fun surprise. I loved it.


    We took this train ride a few times as a way to get between Steel Vengeance and Millennium Force while resting our feet, and I was surprised at how entertaining the ride itself was. I don't think I've ever seen anyone talk about this before now.

  3. ^ Thanks for the info! I'll wait until we get to the park but it sounds like I should plan on getting a Flash Pass.


    I'll definitely make sure to hit Medusa, not sure about V2 as I don't think Wicked Twister is all that great. But that's the only Intamin Impulse I've ridden. I tried to ride Steel Venom once at Geauga Lake but it only launched about 10 feet and then stopped, and was down for the day.

  4. Thank you both! I will be there “only” for 3 full days because we are arriving late at night on the first night. I so think that it should be enough time for everything with FLP though. I will not be going to the waterpark.

    Sounds like staff at Breakers is awesome so I’m sure it will be great.


    I was there a couple weeks ago for 3 days, and we got FL+ on 2 of the days. Tuesday and Thursday were FL+, my sister was only there half the day Wednesday so we didn't do FL+ and mostly just went on the rides with shorter lines that we really didn't care about that my girlfriend hadn't been on before (Corkscrew, CCMR, Gemini, etc.) after running to SV for early entry.


    Anyway, in that time we got on Steel Vengeance 18 glorious times, Millennium Force 7 times (didn't really use FL+ much for this but was still nice to cut out some of the wait), Top Thrill Dragster and Valravn 6 times each, Maverick 5 times, and Gatekeeper 4 times. Almost all of this was Tuesday and Thursday. There were also a couple of breakdowns that took about 2 hours out of our FL+ time, and the park closed at 8:00 all 3 nights.


    My point is you'll have plenty of time to do what you want to do, but you won't get bored. After our 3 days there I still felt like we could have easily stayed another day. I'm sure you'll have a great trip!

  5. How busy does this park get in the summer? I'll be there on August 2 (a Thursday) and wondering if I should plan on a flash pass. We'll also be visiting CGA and I'm planning on getting FL for that park. At SFDK I mostly just care about The Joker and Superman as I've never ridden one of those Sky Rockets before. Is Medusa still good? I might try the new Crazy Coaster but going backwards on rides usually makes me sick so I'm not sure about it.


    Any tips for a first timer at the park? I have an old Six Flags gold membership from last year, not sure if I still get free parking so I'll have to look that up.

  6. Confronting them yourself only escalates the issue and risks something more serious developing, like a full blown fight. At that point, you're also negatively impacting the experience of those around you as well as making things more complicated for the park employees.


    I watched this exact thing happen in the Mystic Timbers line last year. Someone jumped ahead in the line, someone else took offense, and some other person somehow got involved and these two huge guys ultimately almost smashed a bunch of kids against a rail. Security came and took statements from a bunch of people, a few people had to leave the line to go to the security office, etc.


    This and the reasons everyone else has given are why I don't do anything about it. It's not my job to enforce those rules, and if the park doesn't enforce the rules (or as I've seen at a couple parks, the employees actually help people jump the line) then it changes my opinion of the park.

  7. It's actually a problem with the CP app, which the website uses as the source. When I was there last week, I didn't use the app at all because it was so inaccurate. At one point while waiting through a TTD breakdown, I compared what the app was saying with my brother and someone else standing in line. Mine didn't say anything for any rides except that 2 of them were closed, my brother's showed that everything was open and had a zero minute wait, and the other person next to us showed everything was closed. So even for 3 people standing next to each other with data that the app claimed was up to date, it was different for each us.

  8. Just finished a couple days in the park and had a great time! We got there around 6pm on Saturday, spent that night and all of Sunday in the park, then left around noon today to head north to Sandusky. We were really surprised at how light the crowds were, especially yesterday for the first half of the day. The ops were great and I'm sure that helped.


    Mystic Timbers seemed to be faster and even better than last year, especially later in the day when it really warmed up. That crew was also doing a great job, as were all of them, but this crew seemed especially good at times. It is a really fun ride!


    Diamondback in the back row was great. I finally see the awesomeness of this ride.


    Banshee was great as usual. About the ops, they were up and down. Sometimes great, sometimes just pretty good. But they were always moving.


    I've had a few night rides on The Beast and they're always good, but this one was the best I've ever had. It's so much fun at night. We got the second to last row at about 11:15 or so and it was plenty dark.


    Speaking of night rides, do they turn off the lights for the rapids ride later on? We went on Mystic Timbers last night at 10:05 and it would be awesome on a late summer night if they turned those lights off.


    In all we had a fantastic time, as I always have at this park. It's one of my favorite places to visit.

  9. Just saw a video on Instagram of Steel Vengeance's Mid Course this morning. It's trimming trains HARD.


    I just watched it. The train straight up hauled A$$ into the brake run (despite the dumb caption). Insane "hairtime" all around.


    My first thought while watching it was about how much speed it still has at the end of the ride, so I'm not sure why the stupid caption. It's clearly slowing down quite a bit on the mid course brake and I'm sure that affects the airtime on the hill right after, but I would be surprised if it's very noticeable anywhere else on the ride. Still, I wish I was able to ride it and see for myself. I'll be there next week and was hoping for a brake-free ride. Although I'll happily take 3 train operation over that, if that's what it means.


    Regardless, brakes or no brakes, I'm sure the ride is incredible and I'll be at Cedar Point for god's sake. I'll have a great time no matter what.

  10. ^I've also seen adamant affirmations that Beast is not any slower than it was historically. Good luck getting folks to believe that, though.


    But like... they literally added a trim brake to the first drop... brakes slow things down, that's what they do.


    Those brakes have been there since day one though, they just replaced them with magnetic brakes at some point in time.



  11. ^ For you I'd recommend checking out one (or some) of the local breweries. Red Rock and Squatter's are both in downtown SLC and are good. Wasatch has some good beers but I've never eaten there. They have a location near downtown.


    Also, the sky ride at Lagoon is really slow and stops a lot. And they have a log flume that's... well, it's there. And I think I've seen it run at all times of the year.

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