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  1. Most parks I wouldn't mind going back to but there are a few that come to mind here.

    I have no desire to ever visit Enchanted Forest in Oregon again. Sure Ice Mountain Bobsleds was weird as hell, but that doesn't mean I want to go back.

    I would never pay to visit Darien Lake but I have a SF membership and my sister lives nearby so I'd stop in for a few hours again and try to ride ROS and Viper, even though ROS has some of the most frustrating ops I've ever experienced.

    The Legoland parks will be on the list soon when my kids are at the age that they don't care anymore.

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  2. I was at both parks 3 weeks ago (2 days at KI, 2 1/2 at CP). Seems like ride ops had mostly hit their stride and everything was running really well, besides Gatekeeper obviously. In fact the only downtime I recall seeing on TTD in three days was a couple of times when weather brought the whole park down for a few hours. We didn't see any significant downtime unrelated to weather at either park, besides Gatekeeper which had the broken chain. Rides were opening on time and lines staying open past closing. We usually visit late May or early June so this was a nice change for us.

    FL+ was amazing at both parks. It always is at KI but we rode Steel Vengeance 11 times and never waited more than 20 minutes (usually more like 10 minutes), even when the standby line was posted at 2 hours. In fact, I don't think we waited more than 20 minutes for anything at CP, and most things were more like 0-10 minutes.

    Food service was pretty hit or miss at CP. Miss Keat's was understaffed and insanely slow, but Melt seemed fine when we went. We had the drink plan and didn't have any significant waits for those stations. I don't recall having any food service or drink issues at KI.

    Maybe we got a little lucky, but overall we had a great time at both parks.

  3. 8 hours ago, PKI Jizzman said:

    Breakers Express is still going for around $200 a night, Breakers is sold out, Lighthouse point wants $280... and this is all during the week. I know better than to consider some of these other sketchy options but man a 2 night trip is starting to look really expensive. I think Breakers is going for $400+? Have these prices been consistent with what people have paid so far this year? 

    We stayed at Breakers (first time we've stayed there - was awesome) for 3 nights midweek June 29 - July 2. We booked on May 3 and got 10% off because of our season passes and it was $291/night, so it would have been like $320/night without the discount.

  4. We were at the park yesterday and today and rode Mystic Timbers in the front, middle, and back sections of the train. Didn't hear the music from the radio on any of our rides.

    We had a great time though. Ride ops were hauling for the most part. FL+ is amazing here and it's nice to take it easy, take breaks, etc. Everything that has already been said.

  5. 2 hours ago, leftcoaster said:

    Going to the part this Thursday and just noticed it's going to be 108 degrees...yikes! Does the heat ever deter crowds? Also, if I have two skip the line passes can I use one and have my non-member friend use the other? How does it work? 

    I went on the Thursday/Friday the week of Labor Day 2019 when it was that hot. I know everything is different this year and school was probably back in session, but that day... we sat in Twisted Colossus for 5 straight rides without getting out of our seat, only getting up because the heat + ride was making us sick and we needed some water. I've never seen the park that empty but it was tough to stay all day.

  6. 13 hours ago, Zand said:

    I definitely want to come back soon, maybe in October with FP booked so I can get lots of night rides.

    Highly recommend this. I went in October 2019 and had one of the best days I've ever had at any park. Watch out for deals though, they had a great deal that included FL+ that was only valid Friday and Sunday, and Saturday was a much better day with FL+ despite a much more crowded park.

  7. 18 minutes ago, JJLehto said:

    Hm? How so? This trip hasn’t started yet and well that is a little unfortunate but It’s ok! I had one before. I’d be a little more bummed if I haven’t! It’s like I said in some other thread I’m trying to be pretty understanding things are not completely back to normal yet so we have to be open minded that things won’t be totally ideal. I’m still looking forward to it personally, I really enjoyed Kings Island and I have been wanting to get back! And yeah exactly I will gladly take two hours shorter than the whole day being pulled, esp since it’s a weekday and we saw what CP did. Deff counting my blessings on that one. 

    My mistake. I lurk a lot of threads lol and I thought you already had some unfortunate timing with Kings Dominion, Kennywood, and Cedar Point. I guess I assumed they were all part of the same trip. I like your positive attitude though!

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  8. 44 minutes ago, JJLehto said:

    Oof guess no Beast night rides for me. Glad I got one before at least. 

    You're really not having much luck with this trip. Sorry man :( I love the night rides at this park so the shortened hours would be a big blow if I was planning to visit these days. But as mentioned above, at least they're not removing days from the calendar!

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  9. 9 hours ago, clem2754 said:

    Did they change Top Thrill Dragster? In 2019 the FL+ boarded in the front loading station and the regular line boarded in the back loading station and only boarded up front when FL+ line was empty. I didn't go last year so this may have changed.  The merge never happened in 2019. It was more like Valravn. 

    Thanks for correcting me on this. I thought it always merged at the bottom of the ramp on my visits but I'm probably wrong. Either way it's great for Top Thrill Dragster.

  10. 26 minutes ago, Carrie said:

    FL+ lines were long, as well?  Is that typical?  

    I wasn't there last weekend but have read that FL+ lines were much longer than usual, reaching up to 90 minutes for Steel Vengeance and Maverick. Still shorter than the regular lines, which were 2-3 hours from what I've seen. So still worth the money, IMO. On a regular day, Steel Vengeance and Maverick can sometimes get longer FL+ lines (30-45 minutes) but I've never seen or heard from a reputable source of a time when the FL+ line was as long as the regular line.

    Other rides generally have shorter FL+ lines than Steel Vengeance and Maverick, but keep in mind that Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster merge at the bottom of their ramps so there's still a short wait no matter what. Valravn puts you right in the station and I've never personally seen that line get longer than halfway down the stairs, but I guess it was quite long on Saturday. Gatekeeper and Magnum merge at the bottom of the stairs but they hold enough people back that it goes quickly. I can't remember the rest off the top of my head but I wouldn't go to Cedar Point without FL+ unless it's one of those extremely lucky days you sometimes get in May or late August, but you can't predict those.

  11. 3 minutes ago, JJLehto said:

    I expected the "1-2 mph slower is better than moving at 0" / "slower and reliable > unreliable" type of comment was coming so: 1 I dont care. I just dont, tis my venting :) 2 its annoying when that type of comment comes from people who've ridden...like yeah, easy for you to say lol Like, ya gotta at least give us that one. "pfffft quit whining this is better than it not running" from someone whos ridden something multiple times to the person who's never experienced it. Not here necessarily IDK who has, but I've gotten that from others and for other rides and sorry, its not real helpful lol 

    I haven't ridden it and I completely disagree with your second point here. I made my only trip to Dollywood a few years back and would have very happily ridden it running slower than normal, instead of not riding it at all. These changes are finally making me consider a trip back to the park as long as it helps the reliability. Coasterbill's side-by-side more accurately describes my 2+ days at the park than the other side-by-side.

    That said, sure the ride is running slower in the new video but this isn't even a remotely fair comparison. Look at any video of any roller coaster running an empty train in the cold next to a full train in warm weather and there's going to be a difference. If you were going to try to compare a POV, at least do it with something comparable like a POV taken before the ride ever opened with topper track. But still, just don't because it's pointless.

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  12. 1 hour ago, prozach626 said:

    Is there a skip-the-line pass here? We are thinking about taking a trip in April. We may start in Vegas for a couple nights, and end here. I don't want to go if lines are crazy.

    No skip-the-line pass (other than for haunts, but you said April) and single rider lines will not be available when the park opens.

    I only went a few times last year so maybe someone else can speak to the lines in the current state. But crowds don't get crazy very often at Lagoon, especially in the spring. In April I'd be more concerned with operations and rides that haven't open yet. The spring prior to Memorial Day is usually hit and miss with rides that aren't ready yet or running at limited capacity (pre-COVID). You can have some fantastic days at the park in the spring though, especially if the weather is iffy/overcast. You're no stranger to this but in April it could be 30 degrees and snowing or 85 and sunny.

    Also, not trying to bring a mask debate into this, but Utah's mask mandate is ending April 10. No idea what this means for Lagoon or if the county will do anything differently, but just a heads up in case you didn't know already.

  13. 23 minutes ago, SoCalJasonland said:

    Maybe in the long-term, but I hope they start with the GCIs at Kings Island, Worlds of Fun or Valleyfair and leave Knott's alone until they know how well it works.   I see myself being really selfish here but Ghostrider is one of the best things in the park and doesn't need to be messed with unless necessary.

    Kings Island? You mean the one that has been open for 3 years?

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  14. 52 minutes ago, KIEnthusiast said:

    Probably King's Island. Don't hate, just IMO. 

    I think this is worth mentioning for a few reasons. It has a really solid lineup, and with FL+ at this park you can get on more coasters than any other park I've been to, excluding special events. Considering we're talking about going to a park specifically to ride roller coasters, I think that's relevant. Also, if you're planning a trip and going to Cedar Point, Kings Island is close enough that you don't necessarily need to lose a day to travel.

    My two cents, in the last 3 years some of my best days have been at Kings Island. Other favorite USA parks that I've been to (only looking at coasters) have already been mentioned - Cedar Point, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Great Adventure. Unfortunately I've never been to Tampa.

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