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  1. I remember reading something about the Island Smokehouse coming to the dry park a while back, but couldn't find anything specific in a brief Google search and only found this in the thread, which seems to be in reference to an article that doesn't explicitly mention the restaurant.


    This is a good idea! From everything I've read and heard about the Island Smokehouse is very popular, so glad they seem to be bringing it to the dry side. This will hopefully help with the lines. We'll see.


    Does anybody know anything about this? Is it happening this year and if so where is it going to be? I wanted to try it last year but didn't want to head over to Soak City just for that. I'm heading back again this year in June and would like to eat there if I can stay in the dry park.

  2. .....I sort of feel like Top Thrill Dragster would be absurdly high up on that list.


    TTD is an awesome ride, but I've never had a coaster spite me more than that one! From my perspective, it seems to have quite a bit of down time (compared to the other coasters). Perhaps TTD's downtime seemingly more than most is the reason it doesn't rank in the top 5?


    I'm sure the downtime hurts the number of riders, but when it's up against high capacity rides like Millennium Force and the B&Ms at Cedar Point, it's going to have a hard time being near the top of the list regardless. Last year I was on the launch track of TTD and got pulled back into the station and off the train twice in the same trip. And on one of those days I also got pulled off the train of Maverick before it shut down for the night. We were not good luck, but we did end up with exit passes for the next day.


    I've got my Kings Island/Cedar Point trip all booked now for the first week of June! Can't wait for some rides on Steel Vengeance.

  3. Hope you enjoy Skyrush.


    (I didn't enjoy it, but will give it another shot in 2018, when I get back to Hersheypark. . Farenheit too, since we skipped that on our prior trip).


    by far tho, my favorite in the park is StormRunner.. . love that thing.


    I too thought StormRunner was my favorite in the park, but a lot of it probably had to do with expectations that were off base for both StormRunner and Skyrush, plus my ride on Skyrush was just kind of weird. I'm anxious to get back to that part of the country to try them both again.

  4. Yes, Holiwood Nights always conflicts with Coastermania, at least since 2015. I've alternated the two events since then.


    No, it doesn't. I went to both events in 2015. From what I can tell, Holiwood Nights is the first weekend after Memorial Day and Coastermania is the first weekend in June. So it just depends on how those weekends line up.


    No, they don't run Voyage without trims.


    Actually they do. In 2015 I got a couple trimless rides and then the rest were trimmed. I believe last year one of the nights was trimless the entire night. While it does make a difference for some of the ride, it's still a kickass ride with the trims on.


    Yes, it's an awesome event, with lots of nighttime rides and fudge. You should go at least once if you haven't been.


    This is absolutely true. I've only been to Holiday World during this event (2015 and 2017) and I would like to keep going back every 2-3 years.

  5. For once all the coaster "nerds" are the sane ones and I'm the crazy one. I admit it's nitpicky but I also don't like exaggerated marketing claims. I'm not complaining that the drop isn't 150 feet. It'll still be fun. I'm just pointing out that they are claiming something other than what's reality.


    First of all, this isn't an exaggerated marketing claim. They stated the same type of facts in the same way as just about every other roller coaster announcement we see in this country. And second, this sure sounds like complaining to me...


    I really hope the tower isn't 150 because that means the actual vertical part drop will only be around 50 feet. Meh.


    But whatever. I think HangTime looks pretty fun and is a good fit for the park. Hopefully I'll stop by sometime next year to check it out.

  6. Yeah, their dispatch times were pretty miserable.


    According to the screen they had in the station they were averaging like 150 seconds. I'm not dorky enough to pay attention normally, but the screen is in full view of everyone and turns red every time they miss their target so it's hard to miss.


    150 second average dispatch times for a B&M invert? That's pretty sad. I haven't been to BGW in close to 20 years but I'm under the impression that they typically have pretty good operations there. Was that an anomaly or are they always bad?

  7. filled with tons of bird sh*t.


    Isn't this true about everything at Cedar Point?


    Yeah, I'm cool with the Econo Lodge nextdoor to the Howard Johnson. It's basically right next to Breakers Express for like 1/8th of the price and we get Early Entry anyway. I could buy like 8 Rougabrews and Fastlane Plus plus the hotel and still come out ahead.


    Yep, when I have a Platinum Pass this is where I have stayed and will continue to stay.

  8. One other thing I didn't mention before is Revolution is currently Revolution Classic, meaning no VR. According to a ride op they took off VR while they "switch the video". So I finally got my first ride on it since they redid the trains. Huge difference, of course.

    YESSSSSS. I'll be out there next Monday, didn't get to ride it last year when I visited so I'm really looking forward to this sans VR. Thanks for the heads up!


    Hopefully they still have it off for you next week! They didn't specify if it would be back soon for Halloween or if it will be off until Holiday in the Park. I believe they had it on for Fright Fest last year but I can't remember when exactly that happened.

  9. ^ I went last Thursday (there was also no fright fest) and the park was dead. Single train ops on most rides and I walked on almost everything.

    Was that a bring a friend free day?


    Thinking about going Thursday too, since it's a baff day should it still be walk ons or just a little busier? 2 trains on TC or 1? X2 and Tatsu 1 trains?


    It was bring a friend free day. But since there are a number of those days and they're during the week it didn't seem to make a difference. TC had 2 trains and the ops were moving very slow (only notable because it's the first time I've ever seen them not running around in that station). X2 and Tatsu (and I think literally every other coaster) had 1 train and really didn't need more. I didn't see Green Lantern go once, but I assumed that's because everyone was avoiding it like I was.


    One other thing I didn't mention before is Revolution is currently Revolution Classic, meaning no VR. According to a ride op they took off VR while they "switch the video". So I finally got my first ride on it since they redid the trains. Huge difference, of course.

  10. For what it's worth, I've heard that all the wooden coasters here get much more rough later in the year. I've only been in late May or early June and never thought they were extremely rough other than my only ride in an even row because I wanted to try the very back row of The Voyage. I will say though that when I went this year, the turn on The Raven by the lake was pretty bad no matter where I sat. That ride is also a completely different ride at night. Pretty decent during the day, but tons of fun in the dark.


    All that said, I get that Holiday World just isn't the place for some people, and that's fine with me. I've only been twice and I love it.

  11. No one is talking about Hangtime's construction very weird.


    Probably because to the untrained eye it looks like a bunch of dirt. Personally I never give a sh*t about coaster construction until it starts to look like something that resembles a coaster.


    Yeah I keep seeing these screenshots and I know some people are watching it and seeing progress, but all I've been able to see the whole time is a roller coaster turning into piles of dirt and then those piles of dirt sometimes moving from one place to another. I'm glad some of you are enjoying it but I just don't really care to follow until I start seeing things that are more interesting than dirt.

  12. :lmao: Ok, that list is useless...


    Anybody been at the park yesterday or today? I'm going on Thursday and hoping for light crowds like people saw last week.


    Monday and Tuesday were very empty but busier than Wed as M & T all the local schools in the SCV were on fall break. The local Saugus ELEMENTARY schools are on break still all week but wont really impact the as those are just tiny kids.


    Thursday should be a great day to have a ERT day and run of the park. No need to get here early as there wont be a crowd at all.


    Yeah yesterday was a great day even with the limited hours. We got in the park a few minutes early with our gold passes and left the park at about 5:30 or so (park closed at 6 anyway). We made two laps around the park with a nice break at Full Throttle Bar in between and still got on every roller coaster other than Green Lantern and Scream, which we opted to skip out of preference, not time. Also rode Drop of Doom and tried out the new Justice League for the first time. I even rode Ninja which I haven't done in years. In all we spent 7 hours inside the park and got a total of 20 rides in without hustling at all plus we had a good hour break for lunch.


    A few quick notes from our quick trip yesterday. (Didn't take any pictures)


    Apocalypse is so much better than it was a year ago, but almost everything after the station flyby is starting to feel a bit rougher again. But it's at least re-rideable now and has the curved lap bars which is a big improvement.


    We rode Twisted Colossus 4 times, twice in the morning and twice just before we left. The heat and/or a full train make such a big difference on this ride. It was noticeably faster and wilder later in the day, when it was warmed up and the train was full instead of having only 3-4 rows filled. It was also the first time I've seen that crew having a typical SFMM day, where everyone was just slowly walking around the station because the park was so dead.


    Justice League is alright. I don't particularly get into those kinds of rides but I'd rather call turkeys at Holiday World than shoot Lexbots here. It would be nice if you could shoot things that aren't just on the screens and my gun didn't line up with the laser at all. The motion scenes were done well though and overall I think it's nice to see Six Flags installing these. But I wouldn't ride it again even with no line, unless it's 100+ degrees outside. But these just aren't really my thing.


    The second raven turn on X2 is getting so bad. Two of the four people in my group hit their heads on the seats really hard on that part. I still love the ride though, it's so unique and intense and unlike anything else I've ever been on.


    Everything else was about as you'd expect, and we all had a great time. I can't believe the park is going to be open 365 days next year after seeing how it was yesterday, but I'm excited to be able to head back on offseason weekdays for more days like this.

  13. I'll throw my opinion out there and say that on my visit in June, Barnstormer was the only place that I experienced any kind of unfriendly, seemingly unhappy staff. The rest of the staff was some of the best I've encountered at any park, but these old guys just seemed annoyed that they had to be there. I also thought the ride itself was pretty disappointing. The only other Screamin' Swing I've been on is Skyhawk. I know Skyhawk is a bit bigger so maybe my expectations were too high, but Barnstormer felt SO much slower and seemed to have a way shorter cycle.

  14. Call me crazy but for some reason I loved riding in the second to last row of Vortex in June. I rode it three times over my day and a half there, and probably would have more if my brother wasn't there. It felt like a battle every time and one time I smashed the sunglasses that I was stupid enough to put in my cargo pocket but I still kept wanting to go back to it. It's got some really bad transitions for sure but I still think it's fun.

  15. Anyone know how close to being entirely completed this is?


    I think track work is complete??


    Can't tell from these last two pictures but I think you're right. If I'm remembering correctly, they had everything from the bottom of the drop to the end of the ride finished before. If they aren't finished, there are likely just a few more pieces at the bottom of the drop to be placed.

  16. I did go to Out on the Mountain last night, which is a gay night private party. Got there not long after 6pm, and the lines for most rides were quite short. They did open up two mazes, Vault 666 and Toys of Terror (which their own promotional email called "Tower of Terror" by mistake, lol). Lines were very short there as well. They gave participants a wristband to separate them from the GP. The lines for rides did begin to increase around 10pm, but it was nice to be at Magic Mountain and be surround by (mostly) guys in their 30s+, and not a bunch of high schoolers.


    And I must add, I did get two night rides on Apocalypse, and it was surprisingly the best rides I've ever had on it. Harkened back to its opening days. Granted, both rides were in the front seat, so I don't know if it's worse in the back, I didn't want to risk it, lol. But if this keeps up, it could return to being a hidden gem of a favorite that most have written off (including me, for a while--but if this keeps up, not anymore). Plus, I've never been on it at night, and I must say that the lift hill drops you off into a very desolate, dark landscape... we were able to see stars in the sky as we climbed the lift hill. The crest of the hill faces an underdeveloped area of the park, so it felt incredibly isolated. It was unexpectedly cool. I'd love to get more night rides on that! (Granted, at Fright Fest, with a major outdoor maze right next to it, the effect could be diminished. They weren't running that maze last night, so it was nearly totally dark.)


    Having that maze open makes a small difference, but night rides on Apocalypse are great either way! I'm glad to hear that you had such a great time on it. I'm excited to try it next week for the first time since the major retracking!

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