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  1. I am personally 6 foot so i don't get much headbang, and Vortex doesn't hurt at all for me, its just fun, either, im tall or i am the 5/10000 people that enjoy Vortex
  2. Kings Island 5 year plan, Starting with 2017: 2017: New Triotech Dark in Tomb Raider Building, removal of Dinos Alive, Revamp of Vortex for its 30 year of operation (hopefully) 2018: New Giga or wooden coaster in place of Dinos Alive, along with X-Base expansion 2019: Nothing much, General Park upgrades, Retrack Beast, and Racer 2020: new flat rides! maybe a top scan 2021: revamp of Oktoberfest (would be nice) but would have to sacrifice Adventure Express for a Verboten type coaster!
  3. I saw the finished product, anyone have any more nerd shots of control panels we have not seen
  4. people are going to hate me, i love Vortex at Kings Island, its rough but its intense and fun! and if you are tall like me, keep your head out the entire time, of the ride and you will be fine
  5. these photos look amazing! i cant wait to ride my closest RMC, no more making Great America trips!
  6. For overall i would go to Kings Island for overall but if you want more thrills Cedar Point is the way to go!
  7. Monster looks to be getting a revamp similar to what happened this year with Shake Rattle and Roll
  8. just wondering since it looks like you have been on some crappy arrows and knock offs
  9. I am a builder on the server and people reading this get on you will not be disappointed by its epicness!
  10. i hope kings island gets another set of flying scooters, put it near the racer and have the return of Shake Rattle and Role
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