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  1. I wanted to post some updates for the 2020 season from the recent WinterFest event. Some exciting things are coming to the park!


    Mobile Dining will coming to both Six Flags Over Texas and Hurricane Harbor.

    JB's BBQ will be remodeled and a new location will be coming to HH.


    New Menu Healthier options will be coming including, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free.

    Turkey Legs will be offered at more locations.

    Both parks will be testing new styles of self service drinks.


    Six Flags Over Texas will be opening 2-3 new Bars!

    The park will be hosting a Texas Beer Fest!


    The park will be in year-round operations.


    The Splash Water Parade will be returning for the 2020 season along with more floats.

  2. After reading the following rumor from Screamscape I'm just going to leave this here. Could this be "North America's First?"

    "2018 - New Attraction - Rumor - (8/21/17) Six Flags Great Adventure has posted a couple teaser posters in the park hinting about what is to come in 2018. The posters aren't too far from the new Justice League ride and show off the logo of STAR. Labs from DC Comics along with a phone number you can call and hear a message. The posted also lists the names of the parents of DC hero Cyborg, Silas and Elinore Stone.


    Not much is said in the message when you call other than talk about developments with gyroscopes, gravimeters and accelerometers"


    ABC Rides Starlight

  3. ^ I been looking at that fenced off area next to Joker. They seem to be getting it ready for something. Could it be that SF plans to build more than one RMC Raptor next year?

    This is Six Flags not Wal-Mart or Starbucks. Putting the same coaster twice in one year in the same state is ridiculous. There's a bigger possibility of the park installing a SkyWarp next year. I don't believe that another park will be getting a Raptor this year.

  4. La Vibrator is such a classic and such a great family attraction


    That doesn't sound very family-friendly...


    OMG!! LMFAO!!!


    I'm crying over here.

    Ya'll this is a family friendly website and the use of certain words offends me.


    Lets' talk about the announcement being made in a couple of weeks. Do think after Cedar Fair has shown their cards that Six Flags will step up their coaster game? The only coaster the chain got last year were the three S&S Free Spins. Could Texas be getting two coasters in one year?

  5. Here's my $.02. Something that struck me in the announcement which no one has again mention was the fact that each time you ride this amazing coaster, you will have a different ride experience. Don't kill me, but this is why I love the Free Spins Six Flags has been putting in. I mean depending on where you're sitting and who you're sitting with you'll have more or less spins, and going through those inversions even just slightly off kilter is going to be crazy. I can wait for this ride to open. Between the story line and highly expected themeing, this is a huge win for Silver Dollar City.

  6. Why is everyone raising a stink about themeing along the course? Name ONE coaster (that isn't Fire In The Hole) at SDC that has themeing once the train leaves the station. One. Powder Keg's transfer track doesn't count.

    You wouldn't be able to see it anyways. You're spinning through out the ride. If you want animatronics that sing to you on a roller coaster go to Disney!

    I swear Coaster Enthusiasts will find anything to complain about, even when the coaster is a definite home run!

  7. I was just thinking. With the first RMC Raptor coming to SFFT next year, is it possible the space next to Joker could be used for such an attraction? It seems to me it would be just about big enough if they demolished the remaining buildings.

    The remaining building won't be demolished as it houses a kitchen which will be used to assist in caterings. The remaining space is just large enough for a Zamperla Disk-O. New Gotham, or Villain Village, is in need of a family flat ride.

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