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  1. I know where I will be during testing. setting in a chair on Crittenden drive with a cold one
  2. Drove past on my way home from work looks like the drop is completed couldn't get pics.
  3. The Rendering made this ride look like trash. It's going to be epic!
  4. The turn going into the barrel roll looks epic can't see it on the pic because the other piece of track isn't in the pictures But its up now and it looks sweet!
  5. technically indeed. I feel, with the way RMC is excelling in the market, it won't be long until they are manufacturing their own giant steel supports. ( RMC giga ) " The future of coasters! ". ( hopefully! ) The Storm Chaser sub-webpage stated that there was a small amount of wood touching the track somewhere... Which, I'll admit, I can't see in any of the photos posted. It's still technically a hybrid, but the line between wood/steel or steel/wood is so blurred at this point. (Not to bring up old arguments, I'm settling on simply calling it a "hybrid.")
  6. Man its really coming together. I have was driving on the expressway and I saw something bright red and was like that's track gotta do a u turn lol.
  7. two things 1. I think screamin swings will be a nice add to the park. 2. driving past the park and seeing the red track on SC and red on t3 will actually not be as bad as we think they're far apart from each other.
  8. They added the lights, when the Fair was going on and the Park stayed open til 10. i'm still trying to figure out why the lights on the Ferris wheel are not on?
  9. Maybe using maps before you make a response would benefit you. Carowinds To Charlotte international is 15.3 miles. Kentucky Kingdom to Louisville International is about 2000 feet. You are The Real MVP lol
  10. I haven't been over to Crittenden to see the construction, but I assume the structure that is being added is above the inverted drop. The height restriction is for the highest point the ride reaches, which in it's original construction would be where the trains travel. Structure could be built up from it's current location to fill that space left by the trains being under the track at that point. No sir..... They definitely added to the lift hill plus keep in mind the airport did make changes to that runway.
  11. Did you by chance snap any pics? Nah was in a rush, but I'll get some today or tomorrow.
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