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  1. Thank you! If you refer back to the video at the 0:30 mark, it had funky banking action at the valley between the airtime hill and overbank: Also, the Kentucky Kingdom website updated with a possible concept of the ride's train. Personally, I think this might be one of the most vibrant RMC's built (as well as Joker). I like em!!!!!
  2. I cant express how much of a difference it is between the horrible SC preview video and seeing it in person.
  3. I'm kinda glad the rendering video was trash it makes the reality look even better.
  4. I forgot to say the upper section of the station is being painted Red.
  5. Do you have to ask?!? YES PLEASE. Thanks for the constant updates. Your photos look beautiful!!! The airtime hill looks amazing. No problem. We hit 700!!!!!!!
  6. Seems like someone else posted pictures but you can never have too many pictures of sexy airtime lol There she is Work of art (well work of airtime lol) Going to be very twisty It looks so perfect Weeeeeeeee
  7. Nah didn't expect track will slide by tomorrow if no pictures come up today.
  8. By the way the first airtime hill looks epic!! Track went up fast.
  9. looks like a little height was added but who's measuring lol long as it has good also just imagine if they did keep the dueling layout....
  10. It's like a little "pocket RMC." seems like SC is the RMC underdog lol
  11. Thanks for sharing!! Thank you! ill do my best with keeping everyone up to date with the progress!!
  12. That's an awesome idea, TPR part on Crittenden when testing starts. I just can't get over that drop, coming out of the barrell roll, I noticed two things A) you pretty much half-way down and b) there's like no noticeable curve at all, its a straight shot to the bottom. This will start out the ride with a huge kick in the pants! I'm there, lets do it! Coool I guess it would be sometime in March but I'm down TPR Storm Chaser testing viewing party!!
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