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  1. I hope they don't get a hotel. It will just make the park more crowded and longer lines.
  2. Ugh, why does there have to be one or two in every group? Honestly, my feeling on this is - What an AWESOME AWESOME thing to do! It's hilarious, it's FUN, and it's exactly what I would have done as well! When you're at a park from dusk till dawn, you'd think there would be a surprise or two thrown in! Kudos to the management for having fun with it! And for those that don't like it? Let them leave! No one wants party poopers around anyway. (Any idea what group they were with?) I hope this hasn't discouraged them from doing something like that a future events. Thanks for sharing! --Robb they are probably the same person when you go to a NFL game, and your team is on D, and on a 3rd and long, and every is standing and makes noise, this bum is behind you yelling to sit down, or down in front.
  3. this year, I finally got to try Mountain Creeks alpine coaster. I rode it in the winter when I was up at the park for snow tubing, and a few weeks ago while at Action Park. I didn't like it as much as the old alpine slide tracks they had back in the 80's/90's. But it was nice that you could ride it in the winter, on a snow covered mountain.
  4. at SFGadv on Nitro, off to your right on the lift hill and first drop, you get a spectacular view of the parks boneyard/maintenance/backstage areas and foreign workers living trailers.
  5. they have been talking about a hotel at SFGadv since the day it was built 40yrs. If it hasn't happened yet, dont plan on it ever happening.
  6. what do you expect from one of the most regulated states in the country. just look how they screwed up Ka's capacity by not allowing it and zumanjaro to run simultaneously.
  7. I was there last Friday and I think the general advice on this board is sound. Arrive early so you can get into the park on time. You can either do Superman and Green Lantern now (we did not) or skip them and check them periodically later (probably the wiser course of action if you plan to ride Zum and not do Zum single rider). Zum first, if you plan to ride (we did not) Kingda Ka El Toro (probably a good idea to reride extensively in the AM as it can get a line later) Bizarro take the Skyride Nitro Batman can easily do Skull Mountain, Dark Knight as well head back towards the front of the park highly recommend Houdini check Superman, Green Lantern, if waits are less than 30 minutes, that's pretty good, early afternoon worked well for us I think that's pretty accurate. We didn't have a flash pass so that would change things a bit, not sure exactly what the effect would be. glad to hear someone else say do not use the zum single rider line. when I used it last sunday 2 times, the standy by line went quicker then the single rider line. I will never use it again. even some other guests mentioned how slow the single rider line was moving, and some even had friends got in the stand by line to see who rode first, and the standy by que seemed to be your best bet.
  8. how does lex do the single rider? where do they merge them? I did the single rider line on Zumanjaro(4) times, and every time, the standby que goes faster. I wont use it anymore. NJ strict laws suck.
  9. I rode Train C Wednesday and as confirmed in my report a few pages ago, I don't think its fixed. It was the most rough ride I've had (though personally it didnt ruin the ride at all) but there was a definite rattle where did you ride on Train C. Front, middle, back?
  10. I rode TTD a bunch on mothers day, and to do a quick comparison, Ka is definitely way rougher. Hopefully SF can do something to make it smoother.
  11. figures NJ, a nanny state , would be on that short list.
  12. I would expect it to be permanent. The state of NJ does not want them run simultaneously. And per a ride operator at Ka and zumanjaro. Ka can not launch a train till the protection screen(roof) at zumanjaro is in a closed position. And so far with the rides running simultaneously, Ka's capacity has been cut in half. They now do 30 launches a hr. give or take. not the close to 60 they used to do. Also look at the fact that almost 10 yrs later, Ka has never reopened the original que path that leads under the launch track.
  13. Totally agree, I tried the SF dining plan last year, what a waste. The food was terrible. I wouldn't feed it to my dog, that's how bad it was.
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