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  1. I sat near the back of Batman the Ride at SFGADV. I went around once, and stayed on with flash pass people. It was pouring both times. On the second time around, it got stuck, and my row was outside the roof of the brake run.. Needless to say, there was a bucket type thing that caught water above me.. The train jerked forwards and it dumped all over me. If you would've added ice, it would have been an ALS Ice Bucket challenge!
  2. Cyclone at SFNE. You entered right from the back, and everyone went to the back for insane ejector. You couldn't get past that row. The same may happen with Wicked Cyclone.
  3. - Batman (It's a B&M; what's not to love) - T-Bolt (It was partly designed by Harry Traver; what's not to love) - Pandemonium (why not) this gets long lines. - Gotham City Gauntlet (Wild Mice are always fun) Maybe: - Bizzaro; I have a fear of heights, but it is a world class ride. DEFINETLY ride this, in my opinion Goliath is worse for heights. - Cyclone: I know it's closing on the 20th, so is it worth it to ride it now or should I wait until it's re-tracked? The layout may be completely different, ride it now. - Flashback: I've never ridden a Vekoma Boomerang; they don't look so long so should I endure the pain or forgo it? This is a nice starter coaster. - Goliath: See above. This is more rough then FlashBack, also the scariest ride in the park. - Mind Eraser: Does it live up to its name or is it bearable? It's not as rough as Goliath. Also what flat rides should I look for? I'm probably going to avoid drop tours since I don't like sudden drops, but I heard NESS is really good. Buzzsaw looks to be a Fabbri Flying Carpet type ride, which aren't too bad but are run-of-the-mill (I remember going on one at Parc Asterix). I'm also planning to go to Hurricane Harbor since it's there in the park as well. Go on Typhoon and Tornado in the water park. Scream may run launch, and Buzzsaw has lots of air time. NESS is a good relaxing ride, not scary at all. Other things; - How is food in the park? I heard there's a good BBQ place. How's the price of it and the rest of the park? The food is expensive, I eat lunch in my car. - Can I bring in my own water or do I have to buy my water there? You can bring a bottled water, but nothing else.
  4. Goliath with the new trains is even more scary. Sky Screamer will not be open. Also get on Cyclone, it may be your last chance.. *Iron Cyclone*
  5. Soo many grammatical errors... I'm sorry to hear it's not an enjoyable ride anymore... I'll be there in two weeks, so hopefully I will have a better experience.... I use an ipad, wish I had a computer.
  6. Does a mis-catch cause the ride to be down for more than the day it happens? I feel like they happen so often to these things that they can't be too big of a deal and parks can get them fixed quickly. Yes, it is closed for the rest of the day after a miscatch, takes about an hour to fix, even though the ride is meant to do that. These new train are really rough. Lots of head banging on the cobra roll, to much G force for me, and the bar comes down more and more through the ride. They are also too big for me since I'm 12.
  7. I'm small, about 13, and the trains were horribly. Very tight, so much g force, felt like I was going to black out, and I almost did. I want the new trains back, some of you may agree. As for getting valleyed, they closed it for the rest of the day, I went on it 2 times though, not a fan of it any more..
  8. Goliath running with the public. EDIT: Just got stuck between the loop and second tower.. I was going to ride tomorrow..
  9. As an operator said at the park, NESS will most likely open in May. I had a problem getting in too. I used my "10 dollar tickets for a friend" with my season pass. We got to the gate, and were told to go to the ticket booth to purchase the ticket. Then they told us to get the ticket at the entry way first. I finally got a park manager, and I had to get in with my season pass, the lady gave my friend a ticket, and he had to go buy it then enter. The park was awesome though, and it looks like they have something good where twister was..
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