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  1. Last minute and we plan to visit Busch Gardens early in the morning as its a 3 hour drive. They are closed and Id like to see if anyone here had a similar issue. Back in March I purchased fun passes for several family members. Here it is June and two members expressly do not wish to go. I have the pass printed with the barcode and never used. Will BG transfer the pass to another family member like Kings Dominion? Id hate to drive all the way up there and they wont take the passes. Thanks
  2. Many school divisions here in Virginia, atleast around us anyway, start school the first or second week of August. We havent started after Labor Day in over 10 years. This year its August 9th I think.
  3. I know BG is in the middle of alot of changes but Im surprised we still havent heard any announcement on pass member day. We are a little over a month from pass member day unless its been announced and I just missed it. They usually have this announced already. They have the opening day already posted.
  4. I can take the Paramount out of the heading. I thought it was owned by Paramount at that time period since all the characters were there. I also remember seeing the huge sign out on I95. Maybe im wrong. Back then I didnt ride roller coasters. I wish I would have atleast went up the tower and took video of the entire park. Thanks for having a look at it....
  5. I came across a video I made at Kings Dominion in 1990 during a school trip. I filmed alot of things but not on the rides. Check it out if you want to see some of Kings Dominion from 25 years ago. Its on youtube and called Paramount Kings Dominion 1990. I even filmed some of the seals back when it was a water show in that complex.
  6. Those supports appear to be really close to the track. Any idea what type of car will run on this track? Was hoping it would be something you lay down on. We didnt get to Christmastown this year but we saw some of the clearing back during Howl O Scream.
  7. Can anyone tell me which places at Kings Dominion use the meal plan and is it worth the money for that pass. We've had passes for years but never had the meal plan and considering it this upcoming season. The website has little to no information on what places take it. Thanks.
  8. Last year we went Saturday and Sunday during the State Fair and we could practically walk onto every ride. During the summer months it wasnt that bad either. Of course Volcano was always the exception.
  9. You referring to a free fast lane plus or preview? Ive never seen it offered. If you notice the price difference, Kings Dominion tickets are even a little cheaper than Kings Island.
  10. Went to the park again today (Sunday July 13) and there was hardly any wait on any ride. We rode Dominator front seat twice at 1030am and when we left at 4pm there was still no line on it visible from the parking lot. Definately a good day to go. 95 degrees and spent 3 hours at the water park after 12 and rode nearly every ride in the park from 10am to 12pm.
  11. Ok somebody please tell me why my post is talking about fluffy bunnies. I even edited it and its still there!
  12. Ive been to Kings Dominion about 8 times so far this season and this is the second time ive seen Tornado actually working. We went in there a little after 12 and we got to the top in about 5 minutes. By the time we went back a couple hours later the line started all the way at the bottom. Rode Pipeline Peak the first time this year ( I think thats the name its the one with the rafts near the bottom and at the top is two rides where you lay on your back). The purple one with all the loops I dont remember it being like this. They must not have enough water going through it because my heels were burning all the way down. They definately make some of their money on locker rentals. For $23-25 a locker its rediculous.
  13. We went Sunday again and everything was running, even The Crypt. I305 was smooth as well. After lunch went into waterworks for several hours and I was shocked even Tornado was running.
  14. Anyone else buy the limited edition collector pin set? I was reluctant to do it but since only 40 complete framed sets were made I went ahead and got one. Not sure which number out of 40 I got yet because we arent visiting again until Sunday. Also the limited buttons for riding the carousel horse and the poster.
  15. My daughter and I went to the passmember preview day today and overall everything went ok. We got there around 1015 am and traffic was backed up all the way to Hwy 64 but it only took us about 15 min to get through and parked. First stop at Apollos Chariot and the line was short. We were three cars from loading and got all the way to the next one to load and it has a technical issue. The mechanics were quick taking only around 10 min to fix. Appears one of the seats wouldnt lock right. Verbolten was smooth. Took about 10 min to get to the car. Special effects were there inside but no sounds of wolves, thunder, etc. Alpengeist took less than 5 minutes to get on and no issues. Griffon less than 5 minutes no issues and Loch Ness about 10 min no issues. Europe in the Air took us little over an hour. All this from 1030 am to 3pm. Overall very pleased with everything. Almost forgot Darkastle took 10min to get to car and we got a little over half way and the ride malfunctioned. We were stuck for about 10 min in there. No complaints here from us today. Few opening day glitches but they will work out. Beautiful day to spend at the park at 72 degrees. Tomorrow is rain and snow for whoever missed today!
  16. When I replied I didnt think about the opening times prior to Memorial Day so yes your best bet is KD on Saturday. Busch Gardens its currently $72 for both regular and Water Country and its good for unlimited all season which is good but you have to pay for parking. As far as coupons Kings Dominion has I believe a $39 everyone gets in for one price not sure when its valid but good for one day up until June. Im used to season passes and never have to worry about anything including parking. For Busch Gardens most local restaurants have coupons from around now through mid summer starting around Richmond and east. Its early in the season so they arent going to offer you the $10-25 off deals yet. Ive seen a few for $3 off a ticket. Do you have any friends that are platinum members with BG? They can buy your tickets for about 15-20% off for you. BG also has a buy one adult get kids ticket half price which can help if they are 3-9 years old. Try http://www.virginia-beach-family-fun.com/busch-garden-coupon.html. They usually have some deals too.
  17. I practically live at both of these parks and alternate between the two. If you travel there between now and June then Friday will be the day with less people as school age kids wont be there. Saturdays it just depends. Ive been there some Saturdays and the ride wait times are extremely low and others they are long. As far as which park to visit it depends on what you plan to do. Kings Dominion has a lot more roller coasters than Busch Gardens but if you like the scenery, live shows, variety of foods, etc then Busch Gardens is the place to be. Theres alot of walking at Busch Gardens but you have the skylift and train if you dont want to walk. Although Busch Gardens only has 5 big coasters they have been rated on many tv shows as some of the best in the country. When I feel the need to ride I prefer Kings Dominion with the variety. Busch Gardens Apollos Chariot and Griffon you can ride over and over again and never get tired. Busch Gardens ride wait times are usually lower with the exception of Verbolten. But that ride is now two years old and its usually not as packed. Verbolten is excellent as most of it is in the dark and the first coaster ive rode where the track falls under you and relaunches the ride. With Kings Dominion 40th Anniversary Id expect alot more people to visit. Therefore Kings Dominion is my favorite place for rides and fun and when I want to hang out for shows, food, or even explore historic Williamsburg then I go there. Id do Kings Dominion on Friday and Busch Gardens on Saturday. Plus if you like water rides Kings Dominion has a water park along with regular water rides and Busch Gardens has some water rides and Water Country two miles away. Do Kings Dominion one day and get the two park jump pass for Busch Gardens/Water Country for two days. Virginia has some of the countrys best roller coasters. Kings Dominion Intimidator 305 along with Volcano and Dominator are some of the best coasters to ride there.
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