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  1. I agree with you! I also would like some designated non-VR times to ride Kraken without all the headache and long waits. VR coasters are a good idea on paper, but the cleaning and long waits makes it clear simulator rides are the better way to go. Besides, people love the view on coasters. I love the visuals. I enjoy simulator rides too, but why ruin a good coaster to basically turn it into a simulator ride? Side note: I see the mimes are back for Sea Lions Tonight show. That's great. I always enjoy a good laugh and their antics. I would like them back every show. Those crossing guards and their annoying whistle, ugh, I can do without.
  2. I'm not a fan of enclosing Sand Serpent coaster. I like the visuals of the hairpin turns. I do like the idea of a new, indoor ride. We are still waiting to hear what will become of the areas of Gwazi and Tanganyika Tidal Wave, and when they will start on that. It's a common flat ride, but a swing ride would be a good family ride because it's so hot the breeze of riding it would be enjoyable. The swinging vines was one of their earliest rides and I remember enjoying the breeze back then riding it. Florida is hot! A simple, yet welcome ride for hot climate locations. Plus family friendly which BGT could use since the Sand Storm was relocated to another park to make room for Falcon's Fury.
  3. Anyone think about the what ifs with Son of Beast? If they didn't tear it down, you think it could had been renovated like Texas Giant and many other wooden coasters?
  4. For me it's LeSourdsville Lake in/near Cincinnati, OH. I spent many childhood days there and would enjoy a trip back again as an adult to experience it. They had a Western area of the park you'd get to by train, and the main part of the park surrounded a lake. The park was renamed Americana in the years before ultimately closing for good about 10 years ago. This park had a lot of potential and it's sad to see this park become one of the now defunct amusement parks.
  5. For me it was Cedar Points' Mean Steak. I'm sure it was great in earlier years, but the day we road it in 2006 it felt like it was going so slow down the big hill I was wondering if it was going to stop. I was looking forward to this woodie, so that's why I was so disappointed. We thought Gemini was the better woodie there.
  6. Dolphin Days vs Blue Horizons, which shows better? I'm taking older guest to the park. I can take them either in late March to see Blue Horizons or early April to see Dolphin Days. Which show is better, more entertaining? Thanks.
  7. I'm bring guests to SeaWorld Orlando and want to know which dolphin show is better: Blue Horizons or Dolphin Days? Blue Horizon ends on March 31 and Dolphin Days begins April 1. Which show is more entertaining? I can being then anytime time from late March or early April, thanks! I am hoping some here have seen both shows.
  8. Howl-O-Scream is under-rated for sure! In my opinion it's much scarier and overall better than Halloween Horror Nights. The biggest, and probably only negative is HOS don't have the money that HHN has to make as many house with expensive details. But HOS, unlike HHN, don't have security in every room telling you to move along and hurry you through their houses and thus ruining the scare factor. Also, HHN is always a conga line and never a break between guest unlike HOS. I talked with a friend who visited HHN last weekend and they weren't happy with it. Said he spent a lot of money and didn't get to go through their 2 best houses as the lines were over 3 hours for their best houses. Howl-O-Scream, for many of us Floridians know is cheaper, less crowded, scarier, and more fun. Glad you got to experience it. No word on Gwazi, but wood don't weather good in Florida. I think it'd cost too much to take apart a weather damaged (?) ride and ship it and attempt to assemble it back together and hope it runs well. I think maybe... firewood? Sad.
  9. I have an acct, but very rarely ever use it. I like Facebook.
  10. I want to take a relative to USO & IOA in Orlando who has a bad back. According to their website only the Harry Potter train is listed as safe to ride. Even the new King Kong attraction has a symbol it's bad for back and says sudden movements. I thought I read it's mild and a jeep ride? Oh, and minions has a non motion seat to watch the film. It don't appear they have much without sudden movements. I think ET is mild enough.
  11. Anyone heard more details about the injured woman on El Toro? It don't say where she was seated nor if the person next to her or behind her saw anything. Crazy how no one saw anything. Was it at night maybe?
  12. Not trying to be a jerk but you must not know that much about coasters. Hershey does not have A Giga Wing Coaster. Hershey does Have A hyper coaster. Nor do they have an inverted clone or Lim launch coaster. Great Bear is actually a unique b&m invert. And storm runner is an intamin accelerator coaster which uses a catapult launch like Kingda ka and Top thrill dragster. Yeah, I read that too and just shrugged it off. Really a "Giga wing" coaster? I haven't yet heard of a Hyper wing coaster that has a 200ft or more drop. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so. I also recommend to consider what time next year you'll be visiting as some new 2017 rides may be open then.
  13. Hi BGW has a dark ride DarKastle that is 3D. Hershey's dark ride is a slow moving chocolate tour thing. For me, I wasn't too thrilled or impressed with Hershey Park. I had fun but I wasn't too thrilled. The same year I went to BGW and had much more fun and the same thing goes with Kings Dominion. Also from DC if you have the time you'd love, love, love Six Flags in NJ. It's not too much farther of a drive and well worth it, and they have dark rides too! Check out the parks list of rides on their websites for current as may be some new additions I'm not aware of. So for that area I really liked BGW, Kings Dominion, and Six Flags NJ. Hershey is fun, but comes in easily last place IMO.
  14. ^ My friends' kids are going back to school tomorrow, so maybe Sunday will be lighter crowds at the parks. Trust me, I think we have all seen shows we walked out on or wanted to.
  15. With all the experts and no one saw this coming? The netting is in my opinion too close and does not give room should a raft becomes airborne and parts of a riders body gets tangled in that netting which sounds like what may had happened. The 2nd hill looks like it drops too quickly and too deeply for a water ride after building up such speed. Water rides are not roller coasters, and you can't expect to have the same elements on a water ride with a raft not attached to a track like a roller coaster is attached and you get airtime. Prayers to the family and those who witnessed this tragedy. RIP young man, this should had never happened. This ride is now toast!
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