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  1. Premier Parks (not the current company with the same name) was oklahoma city based and managed frontier city. In 1998 they purchased six flags and they became six flags. In around 2006 or 2007 six flags sold off frontier city. Now they are buying it back.
  2. Thanks Schwitek. Past rides I'd love to see reopen are the nightmare and terrible twister. I can't think of any other rides not operating. I'd like to see Quickdraw modified into the 89er ghost mine again. The TLC the park has gotten is greatly appreciated. I live in OKC and take my kids there often. Six Flags didn't put any effort into the park and current management is trying to rectify that.
  3. The Facebook page is hinting at something new coming. Many have said it's a drop ride replacing the hangman. I wonder if the schwitek could chime in.
  4. I'm hoping the renovations are done soon. My kids are ready for the new bugs bunny area
  5. Any suggestions for discount SDC tickets? Club tpr doesn't show SDC as a discount location.
  6. Mini mine train and the canyon blaster are the only two 36" coasters. The log ride should be open
  7. Nightmare Mine at Frontier City. It's not a good ride but my son always asks about it. I'd like to ride it with him. Anyway I took this photo from FC FF last night and here is one of the old trains and a piece of the track. This was the part that went outside of the building I believe. Wasn't this an old galaxi coaster? I'm going to try and get some better shots for a TR. On a side note the FC FF is splendid.
  8. Really glad to see the rides open again. I've never been to SFoT FF so I'm pretty excited to go next weekend.
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