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  1. I have been informed that the reason SFOT has not advertised backwards Batman was to avoid media attention because of the negative attention they have received since the fatal accident. They don't wanna be in the news right now. Which if true, would make sense. Again, this is just speculation, and our group NEVER confirmed it as accurate info. Only time will tell.
  2. I would like to state that the (Texas Thrill Seekers) group never confirmed backwards Batman. However, it has been brought to my attention from someone that it is going backwards for a limited time only this Spring.
  3. ^ I've heard SFOT will be remodeling their front entrance. That would be nice if they did! Time will tell!
  4. ^ I believe they read the surveys, & I think it's a good idea that they send surveys out. To me, asking public opinions shows that the park cares.
  5. I will say that OT hit a bump for sure. The operations declined after the Giant accident, which is understandable. However, I think the park improved towards the end of Fright Fest. I really think the service has improved as well as operations. IMO I never really thought the park had bad service...just bad operations at times. But again, I think they have improved, and I think they deserve more credit than they are receiving from this forum. Don't kill me! Just my opinion.
  6. I'm glad SeaWorld has finally fired back about the false allegations made against their parks. Here's what I think, and what I think you must remember. "Blackfish" is a documentary, and just because it's a documentary doesn't mean it's completely accurate. The produces knew there was an audience out there that doesn't support SeaWorld, and that's why they made the film. To be fair, the producers and writers of "Blackfish" are actually very smart people. They produced the film for one reason, and that reason was MONEY! Give it to them. They succeed. They have successfully turned a lot of folks against SeaWorld, and made a lot of dough. This was strictly a business move. They could probably care less about SeaWorld, but they saw an opportunity and went for it. Heck, even users discussing the film on forums, and social media sites is only boosting the popularity of the documentary. Believe me, the producers knew this would happen. So again, kudos to everyone involved in making "Blackfish." They made a smart business move. Now, I'm smart enough to see through their bulls**t! I don't believe what they say, and I proudly support SeaWorld parks! They capture, cure, and release so many animals a year that are in need of medical attention. SeaWorld really does care. A lot of people agree with that, but unfortunately all the ban wagon people who saw "Blackfish" who were open enough to believe that, will not be open enough to hear SeaWorld out. So unfortunate.
  7. Hey everyone! The Texas Thrill Seekers group will be at SFOT this Saturday from 2-10. Come join us if you can!
  8. I Road Ninja back in 2012 and I must say it was one of the worst coasters I've ever been on. I would not be disappointed if the park decided to remove the ride. -Other than Ninja Six Flags Over Georgia was a great park!
  9. ^ I would hit Giant up first. ShockWave doesn't usually have a long wait time, it can, but not usually. Plus it's towards the back of the park and if you get there at open you should have time to do both a few times. A lot of folks can't find ShockWave, plus it being in the back reduces lines at open cause it's takes a while for the park to fill out. So yeah, Giant first then ShockWave.
  10. Hey everyone the Texas Thrill Seekers group will be meeting at Fiesta Texas this Saturday at 10am. Come join if you can! We are meeting at the front gates near Goliath at 10am!
  11. ^ I posted what you said to the Texas Thrill Seekers group on Facebook and no one else has revived an email from SF responding to the accident, nor have I. But, maybe only some people actully receive it? Idk. I agree, its nice to see the park doing this, I think it shows that they care.
  12. Wow those pics looked great! Hopefully I can get down to Fiesta before FF ends.
  13. I will say that Fright Fest today is MUCH better then my last visit on Friday. Good job SF! Now keep it up!
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