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  1. I visited Cedar Point for the first time today and WOW!!! I live in kansas city and my home park is worlds of fun. Why cant kansas city have something like Cedar Point. Worlds of fun is like planet snoopy to Cedar Point. Ill be going back in the morning to finish all the rides I didn't get in today. Ill leave you with an awesome snapshot I got of Gatekeeper.
  2. Sorry to change the subject but on monday I was able to snap this great shot of V-2 inside of demon. I didn't even plan for demon to be in the loop at the time.
  3. I found a awesome link with construction updates. The tower is made from old railroad tanks. pretty cool. http://schlitterblog.com/
  4. The darker sections are in fact part of the MASTER BLASTER system. http://midwestinfoguide.com/schlitterbahn/verruckt/06.21/ Before they started building this i thought for sure i would easily be able to ride. After looking at that its going to take a lot of motivation.
  5. I live in Kansas City, Mo and me and a couple friends are planing a road trip to cedar point in August. We have also talked about visiting kings island. My question is would it be worth it to purchase the Cedar Fair Platinum pass? I could use it at worlds of fun as well.
  6. Well i have seen them online but i know that i am a new member and i cannot post links yet without permission. I probably wont be going to Schlitterbahn until "Verruck" opens. And yes that is the name.
  7. I live in kansas city and i can tell you slide pieces are on site and footers have been poured. Im really excited for this slide. The owner of schlitterbahn did say 9 out of 10 people wont ride once they get to the top. hopefully i am the 1 that will.
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