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  1. Thanks, it's in my head now.... "happy happy halloween, halloween, halloween"
  2. Interesting logic. In my experience, Tempesto (comfort collars) was slightly slower loading than Joker's Jinx (seatbelts) - even with BGW's great operations and SFA's not-so-great operations. I agree with this... it seemed to really slow down the loading as people all over were having trouble with them...
  3. The first time I saw Comfort collars on Tempesto at Busch Gardens(after riding superman at discovery kingdom), I laughed out loud and said "did they REALLY just call those comfort collars?" personally I'd just go with the seat belts...
  4. We also have to thank Jeff Tucker too..... Love it when he gets the Mic!!!! always funny and entertaining!!!!!
  5. Honestly, I am a hands up all the way person when it comes to airtime-rich coasters, but there are parts of SV that I will sometimes put my arms down for. The snap coming out of the roll before the midcourse, and the snap going into the midcourse (particularly for the back right I believe), can be really painful on the shoulder if you're not paying close mind about bracing. I've hit the person next to me multiple times in those portions and I've snapped my shoulder as well. I'm with you on this....most RMC's hurt me.... but I wouldn't change a thing...they are fantastic!!!!! my problem is that I'm overweight and my stomach rubs the lapbar... but damn....RMC's are the best and the stomach issue is my own fault
  6. That, or offer that memory wipe device from Men in Black afterward LOL I love Its a small world.... but it's a love/hate relationship....
  7. Back in 2001 I used to race R/C cars in the junkyard near Pahrump hwy and Jones.... and I used to drive past the old boats from the nile river rotting out in the desert every weekend
  8. OMG I need boysenberry pie RIGHT NOW!!!! (is it time for WCB yet???)
  9. Vegas will be in the house!!!!! Just lined up our tickets!!!! Bring on Knotts Chicken Dinner and Jeff Tucker!!!!!
  10. [attachment=0]IMG_4507.JPG[/attachment] [attachment=1]IMG_4514.JPG[/attachment] OMG I just saw my face LOL I can't help myself!!!!
  11. has the coastermania tickets gone on sale already? did they sell out?
  12. I know what that bird is thinking.... "is the train wheels going to hit those bolts?"
  13. You are right Robb, I should have been more specific on what I was looking for... (typing on my phone when I sent that, and was trying to save my thumbs)... I'm looking for something a little different than national chains.... looking for a great hamburger really... (or steak)... prefer family owned (mom and pop) places... something local (what I meant by "not fancy", was that I was not looking for an expensive tourist restaurant)
  14. Hey Robb and family, i'm heading to the orlando area next week (wed-sat) to do two days and Universal (and of course the fun spots)... any recomendations on good food in the area? I'm not into fancy stuff (hell, i'm looking forward to eating some Waffle House while i'm there LOL)
  15. Maybe have an add on to season passes that gives you unlimited access to the lockers each visit
  16. The quality of the mazes this year is fantastic (they are always amazing)... totally blown away!!!! definitely going back again before the season ends
  17. I may be in the minority, but I've never found it all that funny. There may be a good joke here and there, but I find most of it quite immature in a bad way. Never been my thing. I also thought pretty much the same for Bill & Ted, but at least that had sexy eye candy, haha. Also, Sol Spin has been on a longer cycle ever since it came back from it's 3 week rehab a month or so ago. Are you saying it's changed again recently? Yes. I was in the park on septemeber 9th and noticed the ride cycle had been extended. But was still only going in one direction. But at haunt this weekend the ride cycled in both direction and was moving much faster than two weeks ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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