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  1. Vortex at Kings Island. The transition into the corkscrews has to be the worst transition ever created.
  2. Judging by the age of the ride and the level of visible rust before deconstruction on all of the bolted connections, I could consider it likely that relocating this ride would have been extremely difficult. Decades of corrosion can turn a bolted connection into something equivalent to a weld.
  3. I am going to Coastermania for the first time this year. I have friends who are coming up from Florida and this will be the first time to CP. Last weekend when I made my first visit since Fast Lane was introduced, I was shocked by how much slower the "stand-by" lines were than they used to be. My friend and I were unable to ride all the big coasters (Mav, GK, TTD, MF, Raptor, Mantis, Magnum, WT, Gemini) in one day. If we utilize the ERT at Coastermania, will we have a problem getting at least one ride on everything? I know Coastermania is one of the largest enthusiast events, so I don't know how long the lines are during ERT. Can someone share their knowledge please? Thank you very much!
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