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  1. Um no. Medusa de Acero does not flow nice and makes it sound kind of... middle schoolish? Perhaps La Venganza de Medusa....But not even, it is better to just keep it as Medusa.
  2. This ride looks sweet, especially that heart line/drop. I am very happy for Six Flags in Mexico. Sounds like they are doing good and Six Flags is giving them a lot of attention. Hope they keep up their capital spending!
  3. YAY!! This looks pretty darn sweet. I am drooling over this. I hope BGT looks into RMC and all of the great rides they are building/re-doing.
  4. The reason why the attractions are tucked away to the side at sesame place is because they have parades running through the main path of the park.
  5. This is horrific news. Everyone should try to keep calm before jumping to conclusions. I know it is easy to get into a frenzy when something horrible like this happens, but only time will tell what went wrong.
  6. OMG....This thing looks scary. I can't not wait. Not sure how I feel about riding it...maybe once.
  7. Interesting. Would like to see how this develop throughout the course of the year. I am surprise the B&M wing riders have been popular, if this indeed is a wingrider
  8. I am actually glad sandstorm is leaving. It is a very old attraction and although it was fun, I never felt that it was safe. I worked there for 3 years and I always felt so uneasy with the ride. Hope this tower is also not a big disappointment as the one in BGW. I hope that BGT can focus on more flats going forward.
  9. I cant wait for this ride to open. I had a dream of it last night, just goes to show how excited I am to finally have what it seems to be an airtime filled coaster near me.
  10. This will be a hit with families! I cant wait for white lightning.
  11. I really like the new entrance to the park. Last time I was there it needed some TLC pretty badly.
  12. You can buy the fun card, which is the same price as a single day ticket. $89. plus tax per adult. $81 plus tax per child (3-9) and it will give you unlimited admission until Dec 31st. It is listed under FL Residents offers but anyone can buy it, the only real Florida resident restriction is the EzPay program(monthly payment plan on annual passes). You can buy the fun cards online, at the park (kiosk or ticket windows) or over the phone. If you were looking for discounts...well there really is not much for 2 day tickets. Prices online are $10 off but if you want second day included you would have to pay the $10 upgrade, which might as well be better to buy the fun card and avoid all the hassles. If you are a AAA member check with them first they have awesome discounts. Hope that helps
  13. I think Gwazi should get it. But I want something similar to Outlaw run, But anything from Rocky Mountain would be an improvement.
  14. ^^ I don't know if BGT is willing to do that. I feel like they already tried to make the ride a better experience and it did not work out well so they might just scratch it off entirely. I hope they do not. But the way things are going at BGT now (Rhino Rally, Possible new tower ride, attendance not what they hope for) makes me feel like they may just give up on Gwazi.
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