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  1. I'd love to see an old Arrow suspended coaster retrofitted with flying trains that swing.
  2. In line for NTAG yesterday, someone wondered what The Beast would feel like with an RMC makeover. While I believe that it could be a far more interesting ride as an Iron Horse with some airtime and highly-banked turns, the thing that makes the ride is that it's completely unlike any other coaster. It is more like a big scenic railway than a wood coaster and IMHO it really needs that rattling, shaking, rumbling action in the trains to enhance the out-of-control feeling. If it were smooth, I don't think you'd get the sensation of speed as much, even if the ride were legitimately faster. To that
  3. Considering how it looked just last weekend, I'd be very surprised if there were any test runs "very soon." Most of the road steel was still lying on the ground and there were workers all over the layout adjusting the track gauge and such. If I had to venture a guess, I'd think testing in early April, assuming good weather between now and then. Maybe Mid-April. The above is purely speculation. However, if the park is aiming for a Memorial Day opening, they still have plenty of time. I'd think that Memorial Day would be perfect: three-day weekend, tons of folks at the park, plenty of time
  4. No room for a Washing Machine, but I think it's been scaled down to a Swiffer.
  5. I have never said that I don't feel some rides are "better" at night, I just don't think any ride I've been on is "significantly" better at night. The Beast.
  6. Also, GTs are voted on by subscribers to Amusement Today, which are by and large people in the industry rather than enthusiasts. Thus, "how much fun/thrilling/scary is it" often takes a back seat to other factors like how it impacted the park's attendance, how much downtime it had, how the public perceives it, how well it "fits" into the overall park scheme, etc etc etc. Those are factors that really don't play in Mitch's poll, it's about the ride as a RIDE. As much as I like Voyage, I think quite a few of those GTs were given due to the impact that ride had on the park as a whole. It was
  7. I rode it in its second year of operation and I'd have also said forceless and trimmed to death. I rode it again last summer and thought it was great. Hardly any trim action and some decent airtime over a speedy course. It moved up several spots on my list.
  8. Firstly, it's good to see EGF back on top. As good as Bizarro is, EGF's drop, pacing, and setting are world-class and edge it over the top for me. I was concerned that not having TxGiant on the ballot early on (and not in the drag/drop version at all) would cause it to place poorly. I was wrong. I'm not familiar with all the coasters, but it appears that Mindbender (Alberta) is the top-ranked Schwarzkopf at #23. That's a great design, but the restraints kill it for me. Riding backward is brutal. S:KC way down at #54? Seriously? That should get a substantial boost in next year's
  9. The old Speelunker's Cave at SFOT was/is rumored to have been closed down once after a woman complained that something fell across her neck during the ride. They closed it, turned on the lights to check, and found a snake. When they did a thorough cleaning, they pulled dozens (or hundreds, depending on who's telling the story) of snakes out of the cave!
  10. Seems that Robb and I both agree on our Top coaster (EGF) and our bottom coaster (Goudurix) I can't imagine any coaster worse than Goudurix being allowed to carry riders. I rode Space Mtn last summer and while it was still a Vekoma, it wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered from my ride on it about a decade earlier. I actually rode it twice. If it gets the new restraints, it could be a pretty good ride. Elissa... traveling Hi-Miler in your bottom section? I freaking LOVE that ride. I guess folks like different stuff. Top 5: 1. Expedition GeForce, Germany 2. Bizarro, SFNE 3.
  11. Many of them do. This should be easy enough to test. Would be interesting to see if it's just the woodies or if steelies get faster as well.
  12. Yep, false on all counts. That coaster was never smooth, even on opening day. Only three planks were replaced after the hurricane, none of them load-bearing. The whole control system was toast, though, as well as the lift motor and other electrical stuff.
  13. It doesn't hover, but it does seem to "float up". We used to put the penny on our knee and hold our hands palms down about eye level. The car would drop and the penny would fall "up" into our hands. If you caught the penny, you got to get back in line. If you missed you had to sit out until there was just one player left. The biggest challenge is to keep your leg planted on the floor. There's a tendency to flinch when the car drops, which sends the penny shooting off into space, which is most likely what you experienced.
  14. My understanding is that the track in the tunnel has already been put in. The tunnel effects seen on the promo video may or may not be installed due to the tight clearances in the tunnel. The orig Rattler entered the tunnel more or less straight on while iRat comes in after having just done a sweeping turn. The inside of the tunnel rises sharply, then has a right turn. iRat will need to twist out of the left-hand turn as it enters the tunnel, climb, then twist right to make the exit. SPECULATION: iRat will have to bank that right turn much more than the original did due to hitting the tunn
  15. It's actually not a great photo spot, as the only place you can see it from is the loading platform of the river rapids ride. The pic was taken from an access road that runs beneath the coaster and down to the overflow lake for the rapids. It's not accessible from the GP part of the park. It would still be fun for the riders, though, if there were fire cannons or water effects.
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