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  1. I wondered why when building Hogwarts at IOA they didn't put rooms in it similar to the Dream Suite in Cinderella's Castle at Disney. Can you imagine how much money they would make if people could actually spend the night in that castle? Imagine what people would spend just so their kid could sleep in the Gryffindor common.
  2. I actually went to Cedar Point on a Halloweekend Friday and there was a steady rain all night. The only ride that was down was Dragster. Everything else stayed open until it started raining extremely hard. So the rain policy doesn't seem consistent. BTW Millennium hurts in the rain.
  3. ^^The restrains are kind of restricting but you can put your arms up if you want to. I can say though that I caught Gatekeeper after they fixed the vest issue and I feel sorry for those who had to endure that vest tighten on you because that vest sits right on the collar bone. But as for the coaster style itself I actually liked it. I think Wing Coaster would be better served if they are themed with plenty of near misses along the way however. Gatekeeper problem is that it is just out in the open with the only near miss element being the keyhole and its layout is more fitting for like a floorless style coaster. I will say that hopefully they next park that builds one takes full advantage of the theming possibilities with this type of coaster and I may compact type of layout will do wing coasters more justice.
  4. I do not see them getting rid of Soak City or Challenge Park. I agree with SharkTums that they both need a bit of an upgrade. Add some more slides or at least add some more color because the place just looks so dated. Challenge Park adds something to do after the park closes which Cedar Point is seriously lacking considering it is a resort destination. After having a adrenalin filled day of roller coaster riding most people just aren't ready to go to sleep which is all the park/resort has to offer right now once the park closes. I also agree with SharkTums that CP could benefit from a City Walk type place. It does not have to be on the caliber of City walk just add another restaurant or two and a bar for the adults to have a drink and maybe some bowling, arcades just something. Right now staying at the resort just feels so "anticlimactic" like I am not ready to go to sleep but what else is there to do?
  5. I too am wondering why it may not be going in Challenge Park but the coordinates seem to put it in front of Gemini's station. Maybe they looked at the popularity of King's Island sling shot ride and decided to stick it into the main park instead to attract more riders.
  6. Haven't posted in a while but apparently someone on another site posted filings from the FAA for a 236ft tall "Sling Shot Ride". The filings were made on January 28, 2014 and it looks the coordinates listed put the ride near the Gemini station. Here is the link for the filing from the FAA website: https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=206709165. And also a link for the map with the coordinates: http://i.imgur.com/QR1QGR9.jpg. Seems like an intersting find.
  7. This looks amazing way to go Universal. I wonder if they can incorporate Tree House of Horrors during Halloween Horror Nights?
  8. I don't even think they have the best Cedar Fair entrance... Carowinds, Valleyfair, and maybe even Knotts' entrances are all more interesting looking. Something tells me they might be able to have a dirty Carnival poop toilet as a ticket booth/entrance & it really wouldn't matter this year. Do you really think that people aren't going to be constantly ignoring the entrance sign (& line progress) while looking up at the keyhole waiting for the next coaster to come flying through whilst tripping over one another whilst trying to update their Facebook status on their Smartphones? I would say that's going to be the case for at least the next couple of years - before they remove the keyholes because they're crumbling, unpainted & unsafe because CP is sinking & they used cheap concrete & poor engineering to build them and the fact that they're not connected and the station is not themed enough and the front entrance looks too much like Leviathon because it's going to be a slow and meandering coaster without airtime like the one at Dollywood with sh&tty restraints which have too many trims and has a boring layout and wish that they would have kept family rides like Disaster Transport and Space Spiral which were never very good because they weren't Intamin and they wanted too much money for fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo. And damn it.... Windseeker is STILL down...is it safe? CP has way too many trash cans, there are not enough trees, parking is too expensive, hotels suck, food sucks and is over-priced, Mean Streak needs an RMT, STR & Maverick have PMS, Magnum is bi-polar, TTD is a one-trick pony, Corkscrew & Iron Draggin are near death, there certainly aren't enough shows, there aren't enough dark rides, it just has to be in (guhhh) Ohio, and finally...are lines going to be long at 13:27:52 PM on June 3rd and will I need to buy one of those over-priced Fast Pass thingies? ROTFL...About sums the next couple seasons up!!!
  9. I think that two months will be more then enough time. Did you see how fast they put the rest of the track up of the keyholes were installed? Dont worry we all will be riding will all effects come opening day!!!
  10. Hmmmm Six Flags = Iron Gwazi, 2 train operation in peak seasons on Kumba, Sheikra, Manta, Kraken, Montu, Alpeingiest, Apollo's Chariot, Griffon (you guys get the point) then atleast 4 of these coasters will be put into the ride rotation program, Shamu in the new animal rotation program, 5 minute dispatches between trains on coasters, plus a debt they cant handle...I dont see anything negative here. But seriously I pray that neither Six Flags nor Apollo get their hands on Sea World Parks
  11. This looks good. On another sight somebody said looking at that last pic they feel Space Spiral could have stayed but if you add the fact that pic was taking before station work started and how huge that station looks that would have been one cramped area...and I am NOT trying to start a Space Spiral stay or go debate.
  12. This expansion (if true) sounds great. Universal has me in awe with all the new construction and revamp projects it has going on and rumored in the pipe works. The dark ride sounds great and if they can find a way to make it somewhat interactive that would be the icing on the cake. I always thought that IOA needed a family roller coaster and the Amber mine coaster seems to fit that bill. Flight Of the Hippogriff is cool for what it is but how many coasters with the same layout is already located in Orlando lol.
  13. TTD is one of those coasters thats only worth a ride if the wait is 30 minutes or less. Millennium isnt the most thrilling ride after the drop but in all honesty I think that coaster was built for its speed and nothing much else. Having a molly orange airtime machine (Magnum) located in the same park CP needed to Intamin to create a coaster that wasnt a "bigger" Magnum and they succeeded in doing so. Us coaster enthusiest may find it boring but the GP loves it.
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