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  1. Would anyone else liked to have seen the "ampersand" make its way to the U.S.? That element looks fun and its a beaut. to look at.

    Also, seatbelts don't affect my opinion. Actually I'd rather have them. I don't know if its because I'm so tall (6'4) but how the clamshell hits mid thigh makes me uneasy. My first B&M hyper I held onto the metal underneath of the seat for dear life!


    edit: Think I've been on too many intamins. Should have trusted this site that I'm not going anywhere with B&M floater...

  2. And while we're on the subject, for those who thought Oceanus would be a good name, I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was on my list of favorites for when we were naming Voyage. It was only during this naming process that VP Eric pointed out that, well, there might be those who would pronounce the name with emphasis on the last two syllables.


    I was crestfallen. (Crestfallen that I hadn't caught that - I usually delight in shocking the younger members of our staff by "Oh, but that rhymes with ."




    This post gave me a good chuckle


    I think this project looks great, congrats to the park! Definitely an ambitious decision to go with a Wing-rider for their first steel coaster. I for one really enjoy Gatekeeper (hides from being pelted with stones)...sure the second half is uneventful but I thought the first half packed a pretty good punch.


    Visually this thing is going to look incredible being launched into that immelman. Unfortunately, I will probably never get to this park (its a geography thing).


    One thing I will say is an opinion is one thing, but the bashing is another. Some of you sure seem to take the wind out of the sails for an active contributor to this site (Raven Maven). Such a turn off to see all the negativity after an announcement. I'll take any new coaster...may not get to ride this one but will enjoy seeing the construction pictures and that POV when its released!

  3. There must be a good amount of enthusiasts in WNY, because this thread has been living such a miserable existence for a very long time. Accept Darien Lake for what it is...it's really not THAT bad. All of the coasters are rideable, let's not over exaggerate now. If you don't like it get in your car and take a road trip. It's what $60 a season pass? That is FAIR! It's a nice little park that I would go to and spend the day in the water park alone, even with the recent removal of Cuda Falls. The park will make additions as they see fit. This might be one of the last parks I'd have any sort of crazy wish lists for but yet that's all that's discussed.


    P.s. I love the Predator.

  4. Here's something unrelated to the talk on the previous pages that I'm not sure has been brought up, but with the removal of Pilgrim's Plunge at HW do you think we could see STR on the way out in the near future?

    I understand we are talking two different parks, two different rides, and two different circumstances...but PP was not an old ride. It just got me thinking.

  5. I don't see what the big deal is. It's not like you're only getting a ride on the Hogwarts Express with the hopper, you're getting an entire park of attractions. What is the price difference? When I went two years ago a 2 day park to park ticket was not bad at all, and not much more than a 1 day. They should hold their ground on this one. I know I'd want to do Hogsmeade & Diagon the same day anyways.

  6. I rode the Topple Tower at Marine Land...it was an interesting experience. You definitely rely on that restraint, and they let on this tiny little kid that I'm not quite sure they measured. I had to hold on to him the entire ride, and one may argue that just having one arm on him would not save him if he were able to fall out, but I swear I thought he was going to slip right under. He was all slouched and hanging on for dear life. Nearly had a heart attack the entire ride cycle. He was happier than a pig in s*** though when it ended! Didn't even phase him!


    Reminds me of being a teen at the fair and some little kid slipped out of the Rainbow. That ride has some serious shuffle and the restraints had some give and didn't touch. About four of us had to press him into the floor of the ride until it stopped. That kid was a hysterical mess. I would be too. I must be some of these kids' guardian angel!

  7. Okay I'm not going to lean one way or another because the tides are changing in this household expecting a baby and all!


    I was a Platinum Passholder for 2013 and it's a quick 3.5 hour drive to the Point. I've gone on more day trips than weekends to the Point. By going during the right time I haven't had an insanely busy day there since a Halloweekends trip two years ago. I am a coaster junkie so I really do love Cedar Point. You have the beach also which is great, even though I've only spent limited time on it. I mean with TTD beckoning more often than not I want to get back into the park.


    As for Disney, the resorts are beautiful. There is a park to suit everyone. Funny thing is I don't think I've stepped into WDW since I was 11 or 12. I am now 25. Looking at the Trip Reports though it does look fantastic, but it would cost me a pretty penny to spend a week there. My fiancé has never been to WDW, and is far from a coaster enthusiast or theme park fan. Maybe when we go when our son is a suitable age she will have a change of heart. As of now she tolerates thrill rides for me (But I don't let her fool me I know she's having fun somewhere deep down!).


    At this point, it may be some time before I get back to Cedar Point unless I can escape for a day with a few of the guys. I would say Disney is looking like it will move to the forefront in the coming years. And you know what? I'm actually excited about it. It will be a nice change. But you better be damn sure I'm going to sneak a trip to Universal in there too!

  8. I will not twerk for any announcement. Ever.


    This comment made my day.

    Just a few thoughts...I am excited to see that blacktop go, and I think the area will look awesome at night with those lights strung across the midway! That is if things are to remain true to the concept art. The prospect of a new food service joint looks good too, especially if it brings some new items. I never find much at the point that appetizing.


    I wish the interior of Breakers was going under the knife first, and I do prefer the white exterior. I think it makes Breakers look more regal, although those rooms...yikes! I try to do Sandcastle Suites or Breakers Express, but there is no denying the convenience of Breakers.


    And as for Gemini, let's not talk about the prospect of that ride going. I love that coaster, and Blue Streak too!


    All in all these are good improvements, and any improvements are good right? They did just put in a new coaster this year ya know. And the video, no comment.

  9. Yes, maybe Intamin did them for free but with Cedar Fairs' soured relationship with the company at the time being I'm not so sure.


    And of course, you work for Intamin or Cedar Fair Corporate so you know first hand that their relationship with Intamin "soured."


    People on this site have seriously got their panties in a bunch lately. It's an opinion and this is a forum for discussion. Do you take everything people say on this site as "gospel"? I am no employee of Intamin or Cedar Fair, but it sure seems like there are some hard feelings going around. I also said "at the time being". No where did I say that they will never do business again with each other because: 1. you are right none of us know, and 2. Intamin makes some of the best coasters around. They are probably my favorite manufacturer.


    Edit: For future reference I'll begin my statements with "In my opinion" in such scenarios.

  10. I think coasterdude has made a valid "assumption" about the budget for this ride. The price tag to begin with seemed high, and then they have had to make several modifications. Yes, maybe Intamin did them for free but with Cedar Fairs' soured relationship with the company at the time being I'm not so sure. Anyways, I like when people trash this ride...it sucks! My local park's ancient log flume is more entertaining than this overly long snooze-fest.

  11. Having a lap bar only restraint meet your "gut" before your thighs is exactly how these accidents happen. How could you think you're secured by a LAP BAR if it is meeting at your stomach? If an obese person were to tuck their fat into the restraint once you experience negative G's or a shift in position, that fat will likely lift, leaving a sizeable gap between body and restraint.


    At Cedar Point the other day a large woman needed the effort of two ops to get the restraint closed and bucked on Raptor. She sat directly in front of me and it didn't even look like her buttocks was in the seat properly. I don't understand why they even allow it. If you can't secure your restraint yourself, you shouldn't be able to ride.


    That said, I am not implying this woman was obese and above scenario is what happened here. Only the investigation will determine the cause of this accident.


    Oh and Carmen Brown...any relation to Sweet Brown?

  12. 102 at the point yesterday = nobody there. Seemed like most of the crowd gave in to the heat (as did we in a way leaving around 6:30). Dragster went down in the late afternoon, not sure how long before it came back up. Snake River Falls and SkyHawk were closed all day , curious if SNF is down because of the incident not too long ago where they only loaded the back of the boat and it jumped the rails. To me it seems like common sense not to load a boat like that, so who knows how the employees let that one slip.


    Greyed out on MF after the first turnaround until just after the tunnel, most likely happened because I was somewhat dehydrated plus we sat in the very last row. A lot of times I get a few spots but this was just about full grey-out. Fun ride but still put Maverick at the top spot at the point followed by Dragster for the insane thrill of that launch.


    I still like GateKeeper, especially in the front, which we did both rides one on each side. It's just that second half is a little bit of a snooze. I hold out the vest so no complaints in the restraint department.


    15-30 minute lines on everything. It was glorious. The heat though, not so glorious...tinkering with unbearable for us in-shape 20-somethings.

  13. DougMJr, are you a season pass holder? I wonder who they sent these surveys too...

    I'm a little taken back that they would go the wooden route, but HELLO that would be one sexy ride! It has been so long since a real coaster has been added they are long overdo. This would really help round out the coaster selection at the park.


    The only time I've visited in the past couple years has been when friends or family have had employer picnics and asked me to go, but an addition like this would bring me there on my own. It is very interesting they are including the specs in the survey. Heres to hoping this materializes...and oh I kind of like the name Lake Monster

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