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  1. Went for a 2 day getaway to Toronto for the Paramore concert on Monday. Got to the park at 4pm Sunday to at least process our platinum passes. Oh how lovely it was to not have to wait! Only delay was due to the employee being unfamiliar with how to enter the platinums, reasonable being opening day and I bet not many people process them there. Will be visiting Cedar Point far more often so let's hope I don't lose it, since you can only replace them at park of issuance. To be fair though the park is about 2 hours away from Buffalo and the Point is just over 3. I swear the forecast read better than the actual weather. It really sucked....bad. Only got on the fly and Behemoth. Behemoth definitely racks my nerves with those restraints. So many enthusiasts love them but they make me hang on to the seat for dear life. I'm 6'4 and they just feel weird hitting mid upper thigh, my butt comes up and forward during airtime. It's just odd to me but probably normal since my 5'7 fiancé says its like that for her too. Leviathan was down, no sign up front. I thought because of wind but when we left an hour later I seen that it vallied. Bummer! Haven't rode it yet and was looking forward to it. I really enjoy this park mainly for the waterpark so will be back anyways. Also, too tall or flight deck for whatever reason since I fit just fine on Mind Eraser at Darien Lake. Probably for the better though right?! Those SLC's Sorry about lack of paragraphs, on an iPad.

  2. I miss the days when this thread was so inactive that when I saw it on page 1 I knew there was actually real news in regards to Darien Lake.


    Now it has gotten to the point where I ignore this thread most of the time. So if something noteworthy happened I'd miss it.




    I don't post often, but I've shown some serious restrain from speaking my mind...until now. Darien Lake is my home park too and seriously reading the nonsense about an indoor spinner is just as laughable as putting up the old standup coaster. "OMG don't you think they should totally put up that standup coaster, I mean it's right over in that parking lot!!!111!!111!"


    Is this a forum? Yes. Is discussion good? Yes. Should you be able to express your opinions? Yes. But several members have also voiced their opinion that you, DarienLaker, are filling this thread with garbage. Garbage rumors, garbage speculation. Do ride height restrictions really matter that much to you? Do ride entrances really matter that much to you? Things have been changed, so just deal with it instead of question it.


    I'm pretty sure over the years I've lurked on this site before deciding to join that I've read your posts and they never seemed to cross into trolling territory. But you're doing it now. Your info states that you're 24, yet everything you've been saying reads like a 13 year old fanboy whose parents finally granted internet access. Ease up. I am too sick of seeing DL at the top of the thread list just because you like to see it there.


    Almost done here...All this talk about a spinner? Really? After all these years without a decent coaster and you're going to put that at the top of your wish list? I'm sorry for laying it all out on the line, and maybe Rob doesn't really like to see a post like this, but I've also seen him be straightforward and stern with aggravating members. Everyone has just been treading around nicely with suggestions for you to cool it, so maybe this is just the post you need to get through to you.


    Now, hoping we could get some more quality around here rather than quantity. Time to plan my trip to Cedar Point and be excited about what parks HAVE to offer, rather than sit here all day and speculate during the ON SEASON...I always thought speculation was for the OFF SEASON. Cheers! (Feeling much better)

  3. I used FL when I went on a Saturday during Halloweekends last year. Surprisingly the ride lines were decent that day. The year before the park was brutal, I think they were parking cars on the grass. Skipped a good portion of the line for TTD, but thought the merge point at the bottom of the ramp was too soon. Same with Magnum, as it brought you to the bottom of the stairs and that station can be a packed mess! Didn't use it on Millennium because we got two back to back rides in the morning. Love that Maverick has a separate line but by late afternoon the number of FL guests was substantial, and the wait even for FL was 45 min.


    It still beat waiting the full 2+ hours for the top coasters and like mentioned before it was our only visit that year, along with the added insurance of how disastrous Halloweekend Saturdays can be. Hell, I even paid for FL for the couple we went with as to not force the extra financial burden on them. For my fiancé who is less enthused we'll say about coasters, FL allowed us to walk casually and enjoy the park instead of being on a constant mad dash to fit them all in.


    One last thing, if hitting the park alone or just with another person be sociable and catch another couple to buy 4 and get those prices down!

  4. What is the expected ride time? Sorry if it has been discussed elsewhere, I don't think I've come across it. 14 inversions in a small foot-print seems like it might be vomit inducing for those with a weak stomach. Stay away from this one after your run of the mill greasy amusement park food. Take this one for a ride via POV first! Haha. Give me airtime before inversions. Doesn't that go back to East Coast vs. West Coast? Well my username says it all.

  5. My first visit to Cedar Point ever was for TTD. I followed the construction over the entire off-season. If one thing was for sure it was definitely a memorable experience! My mom was instantly targeted by a gull upon entering the main gate. We rode WT and maybe Power Tower before getting in line for TTD. I wanted to say we waited 6.5 hours. Right to park close it took us. There were tons of breakdowns and rollbacks. I'm not kidding you only the station was full and we were 2 trains out to ride and they shut it down.


    The park gave us front of the line passes for a return visit. Being from Buffalo and 15 at the time (can't believe it has been 10 years) coming back was unlikely. My parents were pissed, hell I felt like the most let down kid ever! Anyways I made it back at the end of the season with my dad. Just the two of us took the trip back and with the passes we rode it three times. My 2 cousins did not return with so I had their passes too. To this day they have not been back I should set something up to redeem that day.


    Those first few years I can see Kinzel's resentment for the ride but I would never consider it a poor investment. Although I don't ride it as much as I'd like to it is my 2nd favorite coaster at the Point after Maverick. Don't chastise me but after the first drop on Millennium I could take a nice 3 minute nap.

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