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  1. I'm pretty sure DIFTF has managed to bring up the VIP tour in the majority of his posts...to the point where its noticeable. I mean you're 28, not 15. I understand it excites you and really makes your trip great, but why constantly add it in your post? We know you took a VIP tour; you posted a TR!


    Guess what I could do a VIP tour too but I prefer to get out the ol' blue cooler, fill it with a 30 of beer, some lunch meat, rolls, condiments, and dorritos. Drive my ass the 3.5 hours from Buffalo at 5:30 am, shotgun 3 beers in the parking lot at 9 am....run to Maverick at rope drop, arrive at said Maverick, almost vomit from the run, and ride said coaster.


    Then probably realize I forgot to apply sunscreen and head back to the car, play a game of avoid being sh*t on by seagulls, indulge in some more beer, and get some sandwiches going. Rinse, repeat.


    I haven't had a bad day at the park since TTD opened when I voluntarily chose to wait out the breakdowns. Only rode WT and a flat that day. Never got on TTD. Was next to ride and they closed it for the night as it was already after closing.


    But anyways, what can I say? My road trips to the Point are Klassy, and those are the best kind of trips to me. To each their own!

  2. If I was dropping the $$$ on a new train you better bet I'd expect a rep from Intamin to fly in to oversee, adjust, update, and tune the ride system. As far as the ride's restraint system goes, the original restraints were the same as Millennium Force were they not? Millennium with 3 trains and a very efficient crew has given many more rides with no incident than ROS. Darien Lake has just had some pretty bad luck and unfortunate cases of human error.


    Lastly, running only one train on ROS regardless of the day is unacceptable. It is the marquee attraction. You have an entire off-season to rehab your trains, get it done.

  3. So we had to deal with "CW is getting the dive coaster, CP is getting a dark ride" discussion until the plans leaked...got past that and now people are very seriously discussing whether the name is going to be changed. Even in the comments on social media I've seen, "it's very likely to be changed," oh because you work in the appropriate department at Cedar Fair to know that.


    Honestly, I can't believe the death is still being talked about. Unfortunate? Yes. But you move past that, and the park did exactly that. Normal operations per usual.


    Personally, I don't care what they name the ride even if it had the meaning "Giant butt-raping murderer", I go to ride some coasters and have an awesome day! People need to get the sand out of their panties, it's entertainment people, they are not trying to offend anyone, at least not as much as this post probably did!

  4. This is a little delayed but yep it was JRice yesterday at MF. Took my chances at Plinko and scored a one time fast lane. The standby wait time was 1.5 hrs, the longest in the park that I seen for the day. They were moving trains quickly though! It was a very pleasant front ride seat! Greyed out a bit on the first turnaround but was a little dehydrated.


    Rode in the front on Rougarou, a much better and intense ride than when it was Mantis. I heard a few headbanging complaints from people behind me. They even put up some remove earrings signage. At 6'4 I'm unaffected.


    Front seat on Gatekeeper, greyed out a bit on the Immelman. Really think it was the beer and lack of water. They were stacking trains and the line moved slowly. True wait time of about 45 minutes. I do think it is a great ride though.


    TTD was great as always, and had a good crew. Got on in 30 minutes.


    Maverick was a hour wait at 10:30 am. MF was down in the am so I think that pushed people to Maverick. Front row, great ride still. Not too sure how I feel about the soft restraints. They are a little snug (though I'm tall).


    Great day at the park and my cheapest yet! Free entry thanks to mycokerewards and packed a lunch. Bought one round of beers inside the park, $5 for my winning game of Plinko, and $15 to park. Grand total of $37!


    They've got the field next to Breakers Express fenced off. I wonder if they'll stage for 2016 there.

  5. I waited for the front, and now I will have dreams of "black seatbelt first, yellow lapbar second." Question, do people mess that up that often? There are so many coasters with seatbelts and you practically almost sit on them when getting into the train. I guess I'm not surprised though.


    P.S. Major credit for remaining enthusiastic! Got a good laugh at a couple of versions of the spiels.

  6. Put me in the "it's real" camp. Your better res layout will accompany the announcement...this is just a little app where they are trying something new.


    Now I did say I enjoyed the dive coaster I've riden and was excited for this, but this layout just seems uninspiring. It'll be good fun and diversify the offering some more but couldn't we just have another Maverick. Ya know, help alleviate the lines there a bit.


    Maybe it's because that quadruple down over at Dollywood is all I can really think of.

  7. Can anyone look into their crystal ball and provide some insight on crowd levels next week? Thinking of going Tuesday. 20 caps on mycokerewards and you get a free admission. I was going to spring for Fastlane+ but I'm not sure if I'll need it. The one time I got it and definitely needed it was during Halloweekends.


    If I choose to get FL+ is it easy to buddy up with other people purchasing it? There will just be the 2 of us so I would need to find 2 other nice folks to pay with to save $10 each.


    I really only need to hit all the main coasters once, and maybe a reride or two where lines warrant it...and then head home (3.5 hr drive) around 6.

  8. With the popularity of Maverick I'm surprised we haven't seen similar installations in other CF parks. Then again there is the whole rumored Intamin "beef". I liked Sheikra at BGT and am not opposed to a Dive coaster, or any new addition...but one can dream about a Mega-lite, sort of Millennium/Maverick love child. I think it would be very appreciated at the point.

  9. Honestly it's a poor idea. I wouldn't recommend removing any attractions for a new addition, let alone Twister which is relatively new. Campgrounds bring in revenue for the park so you're not going to see any removals there either. They've actually increased the size of their accomadations.

    Lastly, why a B&M wing rider? We'd be lucky to even get a B&M to begin with. If they were ever to go with a major manufacturer I'd rather see a small scale Maverick. I think that would be a better fit. Realistically though, I could see them adding a small Spinning coaster.

    Just my 2 cents. You can't really sugar coat Darien Lake. RoS was the last significant coaster addition. I would not say Motocoaster is significant. This thread is so full of hopes and dreams it's why it's so hard for me to even read it. If this was a major league park I'd entertain wild speculation, but this is Darien Lake and you're just kidding yourself.


    On a positive note, very solid additions this year. The GP will eat it up.

  10. Ok I got a chuckle out of the Apocalypse word filter, but nearly fell off my chair when catching up reading previous pages and seeing the Colossus one. I think what made that even more amusing was the subtleness of that one.


    I don't really follow SFMM but I vaguely remember the announcement and building of Apocalypse. And while it did go through a name change I remember reading a TR and being confused how old the ride was, or what ride it was due to its drastically different appearance.

  11. The majority of posts by DarienLaker are irrelevant and uninformed. He continually posts in this thread to bump it and keep it alive. I don't have a problem with getting off topic. I have a problem with the way he trolls this site and somehow it goes over everybody's head.


    Isn't there a specific topic for your hopes and dreams for your home park elsewhere? Since Darien Lake would be considered my home park it would just be nice to have a bit more relevant, intelligent conversation. It would be more understandable if he were 13, and hey maybe he is and lied about his age on this site.


    Edit: I usually DO skip over his posts, but I had a good buzz last night and I got a good chuckle posting that. I didn't mean it in a literal way.

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