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  1. Shot0141.bmphello again and the park has finally opened to the public after 2 years of construction Shot0142.bmppeople are filling in by 11:00 Shot0143.bmpit is now afternoon people are going to take on thrill rides in Coney Mall Shot0144.bmpit's getting evening and people are taking on Looping Star roller coaster Shot0147.bmppeople are still filling in even 2 hours before closing and have a good day
  2. Shot0131.bmphello again it's evening and now it's July 1974 Shot0132.bmpthat's the new restaurant called Fast Feet Diner they serve hamburgers, fries, and drinks Shot0133.bmptwo new rides called Giant Slide and Zipper Shot0134.bmpthat's also a new ride called Dream Tower Shot0135.bmpthat's 200 foot tall Ferris Wheel called Giant Wheel Shot0136.bmpthat's the Canada's Tower is the elevator ride Shot0140.bmpskyline of the park at night and have a good day
  3. on your coasters i highly recommend use Moby's Steel Jungle and ATH catwalks and accessories even Griffon catwalks
  4. Shot0122.bmphello again and three new buildings in International Street area Shot0123.bmphere's two new rides Scrambler and Thunder Bobs Shot0124.bmpwhat's this a new ride being built Shot0125.bmpInternational Street fountains being tested Shot0126.bmphere's a new ride in Coney Mall called Monster Shot0127.bmpa new path in Coney Mall area Shot0128.bmphere's another new ride called Nightmares and the total of rides 10 and also have a good day
  5. Shot0113.bmpHello again and they add flowers and flag poles Shot0114.bmpthat's one of the rides called Parachute Tower Shot0115.bmphere's the view of the rest of the area Shot0116.bmpthis the new area called Coney Mall Shot0117.bmphere's the view of Sky Wheel and Tea Cup's Ride Shot0118.bmphave a good day
  6. Well I already got halfway through construction of the park right now I just needed more rides, shops, and restaurants
  7. Oh come on no comments Shot0106.bmp Hello once again it's been past two months now it's close to September 1973 Shot0107.bmphere it is the first ride have been completed and they added a path to the park Shot0108.bmphere's the new building is the ice cream shop Shot0111.bmphave a good day
  8. Shot0096.bmp Hello again Shot0097.bmpthey already done reworking the roof Shot0098.bmpthey also already complete the first building in International Street Shot0099.bmpthey finished the path either on the other side Shot0100.bmpworking on a new area Shot0101.bmpthey also added the path and the planters Shot0102.bmpthis is the spot for a first ride and well be reveling tomorrow Shot0103.bmpgrab a coffee before leaving the park Shot0105.bmphave a good day Announced first Carousel ride in Canada called Canada's Carosuel it will be located in International Street and also the park will be open on May 13,1975 with about 20 rides and 1 coaster called Looping Star it will be the tallest coaster in Canada
  9. Shot0089.bmp entering the park Shot0090.bmpthis the sign made from hedges in International Street Shot0091.bmpthis is a locker building to put items in Shot0092.bmpworking on path in International Street even on other side Shot0094.bmpthey're building a stage Shot0095.bmphave a good day Vote see which one is goes on International Street A-Eiffel Tower B-Sky Tower C-Carosuel D-Mountain E-Dream Tower CFR
  10. Hello my name is Troy Boughton I'm a local journalist and ill be guiding a theme park called Canada's Dreamland located in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Shot0085.bmp entering construction site of Canada's Dreamland Shot0086.bmp that's the rules of the park Shot0087.bmp this is the front gate Shot0088.bmp that's the ticket booth and have a good day
  11. Shot0079.bmp this is the entrance area Shot0080.bmp this is the arcade area Shot0081.bmp this is the queue line inside of Flight of Fear Shot0082.bmp this is alien symbol Shot0083.bmp this is the station area and the trains Shot0084.bmp this is the exit area and i will release a walkthrough of Flight of Fear on Youtube tonight or tomorrow Shot0078.bmp What's this is Flight of Fear
  12. i didnt understand it dont double a post and how i do edit the post because i just join about 3 months ago
  13. and also that last post before it locked that guy yelled at me for attaching multiple images
  14. Florida's Dreamland it's located 15 miles from Walt Disney World and is in the city of Orlando,Florida and also this is the year of 1975
  15. your right what i done what i done i was tried my best to get my park better
  16. im not gonna posting parks anymore Shot0074.bmp thats Boardwalk Carosuel
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