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  1. IMO I think WOF or Cedar Fair I should say, should do an RMC treatment to Timberwolf. For one, that park does not have a whole lot that brings people to that park anymore, granted they did just add Steelhawk and we will see what that does. Or at least a Maverick style type of roller coaster would be fine.

    While I would love to see a coaster like Maverick, I dont think the park is big enough yet to justify a $20+ million ride investment. I do agree about Timberwolf though.

  2. I have a quick question for the locals, Which Saturday would be the least busy to visit their Halloween event? I can only go on Saturday as i just got a new job and don't have any vacation time yet. I know Saturday will be busy. I was thinking the second Saturday would be my best bet as i think first Saturday will be super busy along with any Saturday in October. Any help would be a greatly appreciated.

    The closer you get to the end of October, the worse the crowds get. If you can only go on Saturday, go on one of the first two weekends of haunt. Expect crowds with any Saturday, but September will be a little lighter. If you're willing to stay until the park closes, there will be absolutely no line by the end of the night.

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