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  1. I love Timber Wolf too. It's the only real "classic" at the park still.


    I think the land behind Finnish Fling / Octopus would be ideal for a new coaster, assuming there is enough room back there--I'm not sure where the park boundaries are in that area.


    That's what I was assuming. The land belongs to them, saying the employee parking lot is located directly behind it (give or take). They have a hand full of good acreage back there too.

    I'm not sure how well that would work with the train tracks being right there behind them. Yeah, they could build a bridge over it but that seems like a lot of work for the park to do..

  2. Hello everybody!

    My name's Jeffrey, long time TPR reader, first time poster. Love this site

    I'm 18 and I'm a huge coaster fan.

    I live near Kansas City, MO, home park is Worlds of Fun


    A little bit about me:

    Favorite Wood: Prowler (pretty obvious)

    Favorite Steel: Millennium Force

    I love playing RCT2.

    I also enjoy playing sports and video games with my friends.


    So yeah, thats me. I'm really glad to finally be part of TPR!

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