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  1. I never got a chance to ride it, but im not disappointed at all. I'd rather not get to ride if the experience was like going through hell and back. Anyways, I also think it's about time this thing left, it was a complete eyesore (so is every other ride that just sits without operating).


    Now, if they replace it with another wooden coaster, will it be called Son-Of-Son-Of-Beast???

  2. ^Just saw that! I think I read something about the Topper Track going on the helix, but I think the deadliest part of the ride by far is the first drop. The coaster could definitely use it, though (and I say this as a fan).

    You're right about the first drop being the worst, however I'll gladly accept any improvement to the ride. Hopefully the park will like the improvement and opt for topper track on the entire ride. But thats just me dreaming

  3. ^Vekoma's been making some really great, quality coasters for Disney (Everest, Big Grizzly) and Universal (Battlestar Galactica) lately. I wouldn't count them out of the market now that they've got their new track and train systems.

    Ah, I forgot about Battlestar. I'm pretty sure my assumption was based on my recent ride on Ninja @ SFStl...


    Anyways this park keeps looking better and better every year. I can see this place becoming a big thrill destination in the next 5 or so years with the way they keep expanding.

  4. ^ Cyclone Sam's is an indoor Wipeout. It is themed to...wait for it...a cyclone!!! Lots of Fans and lightning and the roof of the dome makes it seem like you are inside of a tornado. It is actually A TON of fun and was a suprise highlight of our trip to WoF.

    Yeah, Cyclone Sam's is really strange. But everyone seems to love it. It can be VERY disorienting and if you have long arms you might be able to touch the roof of the building.

  5. According to CP, they would not give it away that easy. Is this simply another false clue? In short, is it a fake label?

    Hasn't this really been like the worst kept secret ever? Seriously, I think we all know what it is... The Sandusky newspaper even published it!


    Here, let me remind you all...


    I still believe the SDC 2013 not-coaster-project is the best kept secret ever

  6. I've always thought a launched wooden coaster would be intriguing. Not anything too crazy, but a nice 50-60mph LSM launch, perhaps. I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard to do, you just need some train modifications and possibly steel crossbeams in the launch zone.

    With the way Rocky Mountain has been innovating roller coaster technology, I wouldn't be surprised if they try a launched wooden coaster in the next couple years.


    Edit: ^Looks like you beat me to that statement lol

  7. Yeah, I agree with the park. Most roller coasters in America require riders to be able to brace themselves with both arms and legs, and that could be difficult without the use of hands.

    I don't know if the park has all the disability requirements listed on their website, but if not, they should do that. This would prevent them from any issues over guests not being aware of the requirements.

    Rider requirements are also posted at the entrance to every ride. If they're ignored that's not really the park's fault.

  8. I know at one point they were slated to get one but it was re-directed, and with one still under contract I'm pretty sure this is the direction they are heading.

    I really hope Worlds of Fun gets it, they need at least something for the older demographic. I really enjoyed Windseeker when I rode it at Cedar Point, and having it be the tallest ride in the park will help bring in more guests IMO.

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