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  1. Guys, if you saw a little trash on the floor of Hopi Hari (in the pictures of Joey)... tell me. And, according of Joey, north-american teenagers are so terrible than brazilians. So, one person is talk a little bit more here. Mrenata What's your problem, sweet? A lot of countries has terrible teenagers. And never, I said, NEVER I saw a person on the river of "Rio Bravo", jumping inside the fountains or dancing in Kastel di Lendas (I went in Hopi Hari 10000000 times). I just saw this on YouTube (just in this video that you showed for us). And of course this already happened, like in another's parks in the world. I don't know why you hate much your country. At last is what you show when you talk about. Me and Joey had a great time in Hopi Hari. And we don't saw that you said. I'm sorry. About language of the park, for me (and for more 193 946 886 Brazilians) is soooo fun! My cousins (children's) love this! When we enter in the park, is like we inside in a new world/country, with flag, national anthem, inhabitants... I don't see a problem on this.
  2. Great Trip Report, Joey! Congrats! Aaaaand, guys, "sex" is an abreviation (hardly ever used) of sexta-feira, that's "friday" in english. Loool
  3. _koppen, But the Hopi Hari's 10 inversion is custom. It isn't a conventional 10 inversion. At any rate that's what the president of the park said.
  4. jray21, I can try to go on thursday... I'll check it and then I tell you
  5. coastercrazy 9, The work on the new roller coaster is stalled. Due to what happened in February, the MR must be ready until next year. Now, the park is with the attention focused on it's new area, wich is the Justice League. The president of Hopi Hari, who I talked to recently, said that he wants the new MR ready in January. Now, we wait ... recent photos: This photo isn't so neeeew This photo is new!
  6. jedimaster1227, If it will make you happier, check out more photos of the Schwartzkopf: jray21, I work in weekdays, so... If you go to the park in Sept. 22 I can meet you. Try to go in this day!
  7. jray21, Let me see how I can help you ... In the last july, the great park Playcenter, that's in Sao Paulo, closed forever. But they will open in the next year a new park in the same place - It'll be a family park... Parks in Sao Paulo: (lol - just Hopi Hari theme park) Sao Paulo Aquarium - http://www.aquariodesaopaulo.com.br/ The World of Xuxa - This park is very famous in Brazil, but it's childish. It is located inside a mall in Sao Paulo. http://www.omundodaxuxa.com.br/ Hopi Hari - for me, is the best theme park in Brazil (I never went to Beto Carrero World). This month, they're with the event 'Time of Horror'. It's cool. It is the largest event of its kind in Latin America. And it's easy you go ... There are buses from São Paulo (in a lot of places) to go to the park (HERE: http://www.reservahopihari.com.br/hopihari-reserva.php). http://hopihari.com.br/ Wet 'n Wild - next to Hopi Hari In this friday I going to Hopi Hari and I'll bring photos for you guys!
  8. technfxrick, I can't confirm for you this doubt, because the park has not released the December's schedule. But, I think - definitely -, that they will open on thursdays for sundays (or wednesdays for sundays). Check before! I hope I helped you. Good news: When you come here, the new area of the Justice League is already open. It will open in the end of October ("Thinkwell" is working on it)
  9. technfxrick, That's because they haven't announced it. This announce can happen in October, I think.
  10. My home park is Hopi Hari, Brazil! My favourite coaster... Vurang!!
  11. Hi, guys! I'm from Brazil! Next year I will go to USA, in Philadephia, and I want to visit SFGAdv - it's my dream! (lol) I hope to have courage for ride in Kingda Ka!
  12. Guys, Hopi Hari's Horror Times 2012 coming! It, an event like Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, gonna starter in 17º of August. The theme of this year is Dark Moon (Vampires, werewolves...) Look at the Haunted houses (2)! 1º Underworld Underworld 2º Mansion Malkav Photos: hopiharimania.com
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