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  1. Every time I've gone I've thought that, but the progress they can make in one week amazes me. Since the track completed, construction really has accelerated. They are really running short on time though (which means we're close to riding it!)
  2. Quick weekend update, plus cool shot of Manta cars in testing Pathway on the left has been closed. Usually you can use this to get around Rocky Point, but now you have to go THROUGH that area. Looks like they're working on the main entrance as seen in the artist concept Good progress on queue and station Action shot - with weights Even better action shot, with empty cars! (such an awesome car design)
  3. Thanks guys just wanted everyone to know that it IS possible to win. So keep trying!! and, of course I'm going to bring my camera
  4. NO FREAKING WAY DID THIS JUST HAPPEN!!! I'll believe it when I get the email.
  5. I'd love to see an update to that snake Does anyone know what refurbishments Indy was scheduled to be closed for today?
  6. That's funny, cause I remember being pissed at how much was closed that day, including Deja Vu. But riding the brand new X made it worth it!
  7. 3.5 hrs in the cold, dark night waiting for X during its opening summer. On the other hand, we only waited 15 minutes for TTD during opening season... (saw a test shot right when we happened to be walking by the gate, so we jumped in line and BOOM) So was 3.5 hours really worth it? well yeah! it was
  8. Today, April 30th, 2012, is the last day of the last month without Manta. Tomorrow, everything changes... And to actually add something to this post: A job posting recently surfaced mentioning duties of a "Club Atlantis Show Host". The seaworldsandiegoauditions website says "We are seeking male and female performers to be the interactive hosts for Club Atlantis, our high-energy, teen-focused dance party at SeaWorld San Diego. Age range portrayed 18-35 years." Location is to be the Arctic Plaza, near JTA. Job Posting Here I don't know what to expect or what I think about this, but hey, it's news
  9. Oh my god, this happened just a month ago. I know this startles a lot of people, but there's at least somewhat of a story here: At Disneyland, riding Thunder Mountain, assuming it's going to be just another coaster through a rocky landscape (I had never been on a Disney coaster before). It's night time and I can only see what's purposely lit up, which makes this worse. Well (you guys probably all know this) there's a part where you go by a couple wolves and a possum is hanging on a branch above you. I saw the possum, but didn't see the baby possums that are spinning around until the last second!! literally thought it was some piece of debris heading for my face, so I jumped from being startled and somehow bonked my girlfriend in the head ( I feel so bad for that still) Well she had no clue why I jumped and whacked her head, so we decided to ride it again and this time I was going to point it out. I didn't tell her what it was, I just said to look up at something moving next to the hanging possum. We get to that part of the ride, I scream and point "there!" and she sees it just as they swing around the pole. She screams and jumps out of her seat louder and farther than I have ever seen her do before! Needless to say, those stupid baby possums scared the living crap out of both of us, on separate occasions! Disney ftw
  10. Pixar's Cars was one of those movies that I never think about or never care to watch, until I'm actually watching it...then I love it! I have a feeling Cars Land will have the same effect. Hearing about it wasn't so great, but seeing it is incredible! I can't wait to find time to head up there this year
  11. What if they're just hyping this up too much and really it's just It's a Small World with singing penguins?
  12. Woohooo! Testing! One step closer to riding this thing in a month
  13. danget! I looked at the link to the other two sites on that page but didn't click the rome hotel link because the search results were highlighting and covering it up! Oh well, I'm literally brand new to TPR, so that would've been beyond stupid for me to take a bag-of-crap. I respect the TPR elders
  14. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=61386
  15. Good update empires. Ya beat me to it. Two things I noticed this weekend: At the outer edge of the ray pool: Did anybody else notice the detail BENEATH the pathway here? All I noticed before was the rock monument
  16. Hey all, I'm brand new to these forums, so as a statement of gratitude I thought I'd stop by SWSD on my way home today. One thing that I was able to have confirmed for me: Manta will not get you anywhere remotely wet. Any "splash" effect is going to be an illusion for those watching outside of the ride. (I saw someone debating this earlier). First thing I noticed was the update to the roofing Scaffolding all gone! This thing looks awesome up close. Great job seaworld! New mulch! (you can smell it too). Landscaping is starting to add a lot to Manta This weekends small amount of rain gives a small preview into what this area might look like when filled with water! Plus, I thought I saw some cars in that door, but my junk phone camera couldn't get that far for you guys! they're probably hidden anyways
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