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  1. In my mind and I hope they can paint the inside black, but some errie fog and lights in there, and put fake rocks on the outside to where it covers it completely. Then you' ve got a cave.
  2. When I rode Disaster Transport at Cedar Point they assaigned seats but I let people.go in front of me so I could get front.row.
  3. Does anybody have and 80's or 90's maps from Six Flags Great America?
  4. http://behindthethrills.com/2012/05/cedar-point-announces-the-removal-of-wildcat-coaster-for-expansion-of-the-celebration-plaza/ A picture of Wildcat's removal and Celebration Plaza's expansion.
  5. I waited for about 2 hours and 45 minutes to ride The Dark Knight at Six Flags Great America on the Opening Day for it. I waited about 2 hours for Top trill Dragster but then it broke down 3 times so it took another hour and 15 minutes to get it up and running again. So I waited 3 hours and 15 minutes to ride Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point.
  6. A picture of X-Flight that someone at Advocate Health Day took today at the park.
  7. http://www.sixflags.com/greatamerica/xflight/index.html New website for X-Flight. It has some cool stuff.
  8. From six Flags Great America's Twitter If you look closely you can see the #XFlight hanger begin to take shape
  9. Taken by Duane Marden. In the lower left hand corner you can see the former Skeeball. Is it possibly Leather Xcessories which was talked about at No Coaster Con?
  10. SFGAm are having a season dining pass. There are details on their website.
  11. It's a program where different Six Flags's take out rides or roller coasters and they go to another Six Flags park. There are two examples of it this year. Iron Wolf from Great America to America as Apocalypse. Deja Vu from Magic Mountain to New England as Goliath. Pandemonium from Discovery Kingdom to Mexico. It is basically the relocation of rides and roller coasters from one Six Flags park to another instead of buying a whole new ride or roller coaster. Most of the time when roller coasters are relocated they get new cars, a new paint job, and a new name. Most of the time when rides are relocated they get a new paint job and a new name.
  12. PM me if you have a Six Flags Great America 1990 Map and how much you would want for it.
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