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  1. ^^^That is better then any pic I took with ropes up I used my height and long arms to take pics over the ropes...for the most part.
  2. The employee we talked to said they did not have an exact time frame of when the nets would be down. They stated normally they were up before at night times (after the park closed)...They did not have nets in one small part (where they had photographers taking your picture) right when you got off the ride.... I am sure the penguins would not do any real harm (based upon my 2% knowledge on penguins) It's a nice addition overall. Ride could have been a bit longer. But the live penguins part is much much better then before.
  3. Maybe? Maybe not....Went to the park on Friday..nets are up at the moment in front of the penguins. I guess the jail bird penguin that made it on the news was just one of the times that it had happened.
  4. http://seaworldparks.com/en/seaworld-orlando/Attractions/Rides/Quick-Queue-Unlimited?from=Top_Nav (For the link lazy..details below) "Skip the regular lines and enjoy front-of-the-line access at our most popular rides including: Manta® Kraken® Journey to Atlantis® TurtleTrek® Sky Tower Wild Arctic® Ride height and safety restrictions apply. Discounts available for Pass Members through the Pass Member website. "
  5. I liked Kennywood's Lazer Loop back when they had...forward and back..same ride...
  6. Have a crazy training schedule..wish I could catch Fingers show...
  7. Well you can buy a Tron Light Cycle...so I guess sure why not.. Real Tron Light Cycle for Sale There is tons of things I do not understand how Theme Parks sell so many...but I know for a fact sell faster then buffet tickets for an ACE event..
  8. I wonder what the actual size of the figurine itself is. I like it. Pricey though.
  9. JamesD

    Tampa Trip

    May I add on to what was said prior... If you are going to feed the kangaroos and wallabies..look for when they are having the "bottle" feeding as opposed to the normal "dry food" feeding. I found the bottle to be much more fun. I do also have to say that..even though I love the park...the layout is pretty wacky and all over the place for some things.
  10. Well I can see a lot of people taking naps in Hall of Presidents if they try to go for the full 24hr.
  11. They are just going to put up a big giant white curtain. Shine some lights behind it. Then sit back and watch the shadow puppet magic.
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