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  1. ^You pretty much just created the best custom trains I have ever seen for RCT3. Everything looks exactly like the real thing, but there's just one small thing about the track. Just make the crossbraces on the track round and it will be perfect. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see more!


    This was out first import, so some stuff didn't turn out correctly. Making the crossties circles is going to bring the poly count way too high, so I don't think it's the best idea. All of the shadow problems on the CTR have been fixed as well. Thanks so much!


    You guys didn't think we were gonna leave you hanging, did ya? Well yea, Parallax, Swiss, and I are back, and with alot of goodies to give to the community. Basically we promise everything we have said to be made before, plus with some bonus surprises!


    I apologize if anyone wanted this to be presented in update order, but the thread has been going on for a few months now on other forums and I don't feel like copying and pasting everything. I will, however, give you guys the pics!


    HyperSplash Custom Track


    HyperSplash CTR


    Intamin Double-Spine Custom Track


    More where that came from!


    Skyrush CTR


    Skyrush close-up


    Skyrush's butt


    Bow to the King! (Test dummies will be included with every CTR)


    Admire the details!


    Whoops, looks like we are back to the track.


    Don't be Intimidated...


    You are now up to speed with the Intamin Super Pack! Please comment, it makes us feel nice. Thanks!

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