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  1. From Screamscape:


    Six Flags put out an interesting survey for SFGAdv guests asking them to vote for the best sounding name for an “Africa themed, intense thrill ride”. They were to choose from “Kimanjo, Zumanjaro, Kimondo, Kushuku, or Shango”.    This alone seems to lock in the location that the park’s next major ride will go in somewhere on the new Safari end of the park, no matter if this is the rumored freefall ride or something else entirely. As for the names… while Six Flags failed to explain what any of them meant in the survey, running the names through Google and Google Translate has yielded some interesting and even amusing results.     Kimanjo is the name of a location in Kenya.     Zumanjaro comes up with no results at all and appears to be simply made up, as if they tried to put “Zu” in font of Kilamanjaro. Sorry… as the old Disney ads used to put it, Nahtazu!    Kimondo is another province within Kenya, but also translated from Swahili as the word for a Meteor or Shooting Star in the sky.    Kushuku translates from Swahili as “Skepticism”    And finally, Shango translates from Swahili as “Chlamydia”.  Ummm… yeah… they went there. Sorry… while Six Flags may end up starting a new Meme with that one, I don’t think we’ll be riding Chlamydia: The Ride anytime soon.My vote is for Kimondo… as a shooting star is a perfect theme for a massive freefall tower I think. 



    I think that the safari area would be a cool place for a new attraction, but do they really have room? The best thing I can think of for the area is to remove the stadium and put something there. There is room for a decent sized safari themed area that can hold a record breaking drop tower and even a new coaster in the future that can go out away from the park over the water.

  2. While the giant corkscrew looks incredible, scary, and unique, I was looking forward to riding Hades as a "regular" wooden coaster. It looked really fun. I think a giant corkscrew like this is going to scare off the riders who don't like inversions, while I don't think it's really going to gain anyone new. Anyone at Mount Olympus that is looking for thrilling coasters would be riding Hades anyway. Just my two cents. I still think it looks awesome.

  3. ^Non existant. I'm actually surprised they are open on Monday. Many schools in the tri-state area have had their Spring Breaks shortened due to Hurricane Sandy and the snow storms we've had. At least in my area, most schools are open on Monday. Should be a great day to go. The downside would be all this one train operation that people have posted about.


    Cool, thanks. One train operation should be annoying, but hopefully there are coasters running two trains.

  4. Hey,


    My girlfriend and I are staying in NY for two weeks and it would be awesome to visit Six Flags during the trip. Having read up a bit on the practicalities, a weekday seems the best choice if you want to avoid queueing (who doesn't). As it is spring-break currently, it probably wouldn't be too smart to go there before that ends either. With those criteria, the only dates we have free are the 4th, 5th and 8th of April (a Thursday/Friday/Monday). If I read http://www.njtransit.com/var/var_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=SixFlagsServiceTo correctly there are no buses going to six flags on those dates, which makes things a bit difficult. I was thinking there might be a car-owning New York coaster-fan or two out there who were looking forward to spend a crowd-less day (take a "sick" day and live a little) of amazingness at Six flags next week and want to save a bit on gasoline and make some new friends from Europe at the same time? If not, we'll just fight the crowd on the weekend when there are buses.




    The park is only open until April 1st and then they close again until May.

  5. I think that if you can bother with custom scenery and stuff like that, then you should go for RCT3. Just remeber though, that Tomes is extremely good at this, and it will take a LOT of time to master it and get that good. It's also VERY time consuming, so if you just want to get into a game and just play for the fun of it, you should choose the other one. It's much more rewarding for a beginner and looks good without all the custom scenery and (atleast to me) more fun to play.



    RCT3 + custom scenery + a lot of time = Realism and beauty

    RCT2 (or RCT1 for that matter) + less time + ideas = fun


    All of this is a personal opinion ofcourse, others might say something else. Hope this helps, anyway, have fun playing whatever game you choose.


    You can still have fun in RCT3 though. It doesn't always take long either.


    ^ This.



    As for the other replies I had to delete.....everyone has an opinion. No need to bash. And do not report posts like that as spam. Totally unecessary, and more work for the mods.


    My post was a joke because I made the sign for him

  6. Hello, I thought I would post some pictures of my progress on my recreation of Manta at SeaWorld Orlando for the second round of ZeroG's competition. These pictures are not exactly current, but I don't want to post pictures until I have enough done to show completed buildings and such (I like to move from building to building sporadically so I don't get too bored with one thing and wind up rushing it). If I'm going to be honest, I doubt I am going to make the deadline for this contest. It was just a bad time for me with a lot of school projects to work on. Enough rambling, let's move on to the pictures.



    Here is the view from behind the coaster. I really like this picture, but I wish I had more sky and less grass



    Pretzel Loop with some minor scenery in front. I like this shot too, but I wish the background had more to it.



    The iconic swoop over the water, complete with a splash.



    And we'll end this update with a current overview.


    Thanks for viewing, please comment!

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